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What is Daily Car Insurance?

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The term “daily auto insurance” is often referred to as one day car insurance or 24 hour vehicle insurance. Most of the companies usually do not provide car coverage for a single day or 24 hours. Instead insurers may offer auto insurance coverage for a minimum period of six months. So, it is desirable to make sure that you don’t fall prey to some sort of scam if you are thinking that you can get coverage for your vehicle for as less as one day.

Top rated national car insurance providers that enjoy good market reputation will not provide such short term car covers to drivers for as less as a single day. Hence, beware while exploring your options as your personal and financial information may be put to risk. However, there might be some other ways of getting short term auto insurance for certain unique situations. It is important that you know them to get the vehicle, which you are going to drive, insured adequately to protect your finances. can assist you to find the best companies in business online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process. With our expert consultation and advice, you can explore the best cheap temporary auto insurance options and even get enabled to make an informed decision on your short-term car insurance purchase. To get started with your task of securing a solution that best fits your short-term/one day car coverage needs and budget, just complete a quick online quotes request form now!      

Why you need to Buy One Day Car Insurance Policy?

There are certain situations that may prompt you to buy a one day or daily auto insurance coverage as follows:

  • You want to borrow a car – If you are considering borrowing a vehicle from a friend, relative or an acquaintance on numerous occasions for a day’s time period then buying car insurance for a single day or 24 hours can be a great idea. But before start exploring your options, it is worthwhile to find out if the car owner’s existing auto insurance coverage policy covers unlisted drivers. Most of the insurers provide coverage only to the owner driver and all listed household members.
  • To insure a rental vehicle – In case, you are thinking of getting a car on rent or get vehicles on rent frequently then you can purchase a short-term/temporary insurance policy which will cover the rented vehicle comprehensively for a day’s time. Usually, rental car companies have insurance for the entire fleet of vehicles but these might not cover drivers who are not listed on their policy. But prior to buying a policy, determine whether your personal auto insurance or car insurance, if any, under credit cards cover rental cars for accidents. If not, it is better to get rented car insured.
  • Need to insure a classic car – Owners of classic or vintage vehicles normally don’t drive frequently except for some occasion. If you own a classic car and want to drive it for some exhibition or car show then you can consider purchasing a one day or daily auto insurance cover which will offer total financial protection to the vintage vehicle as well as the driver.
  • Need usage based insurance – If you drive your car on very few occasions or drive fewer miles during the entire year then buying a one day car insurance policy can be a good option. You can think of getting a pay-per-mile or usage based auto insurance coverage that will cost significantly less than a biannual or yearly policy. You will save lot of money on premium as insurers calculate auto insurance rates on the basis of how many miles you will drive and the status of your driving record. A clean and safe driving history may enable you to qualify for the lowest as and the best premium rate.
  • Don’t think insurance is worth – As per the national law, it is mandatory for drivers across the nation to carry valid auto insurance to driver cars legally on road. But many drivers are given to the thinking that car insurance is not a worthy investment. In such a case, there is the option for self-insurance although all states might not allow this. Only some states permit resident drivers to insure car by using personal funds for short terms. You can talk to our expert to learn more.

Whatever reason you may have to buy temporary auto insurance, if you have decided to purchase a short term policy for 6 months, just make sure that your car coverage doesn’t lapse especially if you decide to cancel it midway through.  That can lead to higher premiums later on.  

What are the Benefits of Daily Car Insurance Cover?

Eligibility to Buy the Best Cheap Daily Car Rental Insurance

While the term one day or daily car insurance seems attractive, majority of the auto insurers in the U.S. will not provide car coverage for such a short period of time. Nevertheless, you can get vehicle insurance cover for 6 months by opting for a monthly premium payment plan. When you are done with driving a borrowed or leased vehicle, you can stop paying the monthly instalments or cancel the car coverage. But in the first case, you will risk lapse in coverage and so, it is better to avoid doing that or else you will be deemed to be a high-risk driver and your premiums will increase later on.        

In any case, there are few guidelines from insurers that drivers, who are on the lookout for short term car covers, are required to meet. They are as mentioned below.  

  • Only resident drivers that are U.S. citizens and above the age of 18 can apply.
  • Driver must have valid driver’s license to qualify for such very short-term auto insurance.
  • It will be easier for a driver to get cheap temporary car insurance if he/she has good credit and a clean driving record. In fact, such type of a driver will be provided the lowest and the best auto insurance rates.
  • Drivers that have previous DUI/DWI convictions or some serious traffic violations on their driving records leading to license suspension may be denied short-term car coverage as the risks are high.
  • Details of driver(s) name, age, gender, profession as well as residential address are required to be furnished with valid ID proof and other supporting documents.
  • Insurers may also ask drivers to submit information relating to car’s type, make, model, engine capacity, etc. for providing short-term car covers.

You can talk to our expert to learn more about one day car insurance eligibility guidelines today!

Can You Really Get Car Insurance Cover For One Day? Just Find Out Online

Yes. Even if it is practically not possible to get a car insured for one single day or 24 hours in the U.S., with our specialist assistance online, you can secure a solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget. During free consultation with our experts, you will get enabled to know how to insure your personal, borrowed or rented vehicle for as less as one day. Get started to learn more about finding a quick and flexible option to a yearly auto insurance policy that costs hundreds. Act to save a lot of time and money now!  

Remember, your objective is to find car coverage that you need for a very short period of time. And we may enable you to only pay for the coverage which you really need.  Our nationwide network of top rated car insurance providers in the industry has a solution for all!

When should you opt for single-day car insurance coverage?

Buying a short-term auto insurance cover for a one single day could be one of your most viable options when:

  • You want to borrow car from a friend, relative or even acquaintance for one or two days.
  • You are an optional driver in a vehicle that is driven by your friend but you are also going to share the driving responsibility during the ride.
  • You are a young or new driver who drives occasionally by borrowing car or by getting one on lease for a day’s time.
  • There is an emergency situation and you will be required to drive someone else’s vehicle for one day.
  • You will need to drive but you don’t know for how long you will be driving a borrowed or rented car.
  • You are going to use a SORN vehicle as an MOT.
  • You are going to take test drive of new car(s) or considering taxiing a car.
  • You have purchased a new car which you want to drive home from the showroom and later decide on the type of insurance coverage that your vehicle needs.

A temporary or short term auto insurance policy that covers driving needs for a single day is also ideally suited for student or young drivers who drive someone else’s vehicle occasionally. This is a good way for saving money on annual auto insurance cover as regular car owner policies may not offer coverage for damages caused to the borrowed vehicle by unlisted drivers. In addition, even learner drivers might find such types of car covers beneficial.     

Determine The Exact Cost Of Daily Car Insurance By Talking To Our Specialist

As mentioned earlier, most of the companies do not offer daily auto insurance covers in the United States but it is possible to get short-term car covers. You can buy a six months car insurance policy as it will be much cheaper than an annual cover. And if opt for a monthly premium payment schedule, you can easily manage instalments. You can cancel the policy if you don’t require coverage after few days and even get refund of remaining premium amount. But just don’t stop paying the premium instalments if you don’t need it and risk a car coverage lapse.      

Here Are 5 Important FAQs

Is daily car insurance suitable for rental cars?

Yes, daily car insurance is ideal for rental cars, offering short-term coverage for your specific rental period.

Can I use daily insurance for occasional borrowing?

Absolutely! Daily car insurance provides flexible coverage for borrowing a friend’s or family member’s vehicle for a short duration.

How does daily car insurance differ from traditional policies?

Daily insurance caters to short-term needs, offering cost-effective coverage without the commitment of a long-term policy.

Is daily car insurance more affordable than annual plans?

Generally, yes. Daily car insurance allows you to pay only for the coverage you need, making it a cost-effective option for short-term use.

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