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What Is Short Term Car Insurance?

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You can buy car coverage for 6 months or one year. But if you don’t require car coverage for that long then you should look for car coverage which is active for a short span of time. It is called a short term car policy. Monthly car coverage policies are available.

However, it is hard to get short term auto insurance.  Most of the large insurers don’t provide car coverage for less than 6 months. So, you might have look for smaller insurers. They may offer car coverage for a month or more. Thus, you can get a solution that easily fits your needs and budget. 

It is easy to find big companies but to locate small insurers will be a hard task. All large carriers are present on the web. But that is not the case with small insurers. So, they work with online service providers to sell their car coverage products and services.

You need to know that certain situations my prompt you to drive less. And 6 months or annual car policies will come at a big cost. In such a case, a short term car cover might be the answer to solve your problem. Remember, you can’t drive car without coverage. 

Hence, see if you require short term car coverage first. It is then that you need to seek help to find small insurers that offer such coverage for cars. We may assist you with the process. And you must not forget that shopping is a complex process.  But it is vital to save money without compromising on the coverage levels.

Alias Insurance is in the business of helping drivers to make informed decisions on their car insurance purchase. Our online comparison tool helps people to achieve this goal. To get started with your task, act now!

Know How Car Insurance For Short Term Works

You are aware that drivers across the U.S. are needed to carry valid coverage while driving cars on road. But there may be situations wherein a driver may need to drive a car on some occasions. This means that for most of the time the car will not be in use. 

You might need to borrow a friend’s car for sometime or get one of lease for two months time. In such a case, it will make sense to buy short term car coverage. It will protect your money if the car which you drive meets with an accident. The policy will highlight limits within which the costs will be paid.

A short term car policy will pay the cost of damages caused to other cars. It will also pay the costs for property damages and injuries that other persons are likely to suffer from due to your car. But you need to know that you won’t be covered under such type of a car policy.

Still, it is better than not having any car coverage. Or else, you may have to pay the cost of damages from your pocket. This is a huge risk that you can affect your finances in a big way. This is due to the fact that it can run into tens of thousands of dollars. This will be enough to push you into deep trouble. can provide you the details of the latest short-term car coverage rates online. To learn more act now!

When Is Short Term Car Insurance Coverage Useful?

What Is The Cost Of Short Term Car Insurance?

Many of you may think that a short term car policy will cost less.  But the exact cost of such type of a car coverage will depend on a host of factors. If you see the average cost of short term car coverage then you will find that it turns out to be $2,150 per year. This is $179 for each month. And if you look at the state minimum then it turns out to be $467 per year. That is $39 per month. Every insurer will use different parameters to assess coverage risks. So, the rates will also vary by company.

Short term car coverage will be active for 30 days even if you need car cover for 1 day or one week. And the cost of such coverage will be based on these factors.

  • The main purpose of driving the car
  • The area in which you live
  • The type, make and model of the car
  • Your previous car coverage record
  • Your credit based insurance score
  • The status of your driving history

Your credit rating and many other things may also play a vital role in calculating rates. You will get the lowest coverage rates if you are a good driver.

But few insurers offer short term coverage for cars. Here is a list of the companies that provide it to the drivers in need.

  • American Hallmark Insurance Company of Texas (1 month car coverage at the time of renewal)
  • Apollo Insurance
  • Dairyland (1 month car coverage at the time of renewal)
  • Direct General
  • First Chicago Insurance Company
  • National Unity Insurance Company
  • Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Young America Insurance Company

But short term car coverage rates will differ by insurers. And the state in which you live may also affect the rates in a big way. In some states, the rates will be high due to higher crime and accident rates. You can study the latest rates for short term car coverage by using our online comparison tool. It will give you a fair idea about how much you might have to spend on temporary coverage for a car. We work with top rated insurers in business. So, the quotes that you get will be accurate. You only need to give us all correct information. Act to know how much you can save on your short term car coverage. Just complete an easy online quotes request form!

Here Are Some Other Ways To Get A Cheap Short Term Car Insurance Quote

There could be few other ways to get short term car coverage. We will help you to explore those options as well. You may just have a look at some of these options below

  • You can buy coverage for non-owned cars – If you do not own a car but need one go out for some work then getting non-owner car coverage is an option. It will protect your money if you borrow or get a car on rent. You need to know that the owner’s policy might not cover you for an accident.
  • You are going to cancel your car coverage – You may have an annual car policy but if you don’t need the coverage then you may want to cancel it. If you cancel the car policy then you will have to pay some fee.

But when you need to drive the car for some occasion then you will need to get it covered. A short term car coverage could be the way to go. It is a much cheaper option.

  • You are looking for mileage based coverage – If you drive less number of miles throughout the year then you don’t need to buy an annual car policy. It will cost more. So, you can look for mileage based car coverage. Most of the insurers provide black box or telematics policies. They can serve your driving purpose. You might even get a discount on such car covers. But the rates will depend on how many miles you will be driving through the coverage term.

Thus, Alias can assist you to get and compare the best as well as the cheapest short-term car coverage options online. Use our online comparison tool to see how much money you can save on your short term car coverage quote today!

Here Are 5 Important FAQs

Can I use short-term car insurance for a weekend road trip?

Absolutely! Short-term car insurance is perfect for weekend getaways, offering flexible coverage tailored to your travel needs. Get quick protection and enjoy your road trip worry-free.

What information do I need to get a quote for short-term car insurance?

To obtain a quote, provide basic details like your driver’s license, vehicle information, and the desired coverage period. It’s a quick process, and you can often get a quote online in minutes.

Will a short-term car insurance claim affect my regular insurance premium?

Generally, no. Short-term insurance claims are separate from your regular policy. Making a claim on short-term coverage typically won’t impact your long-term insurance rates.

Can I purchase short-term car insurance for someone else's vehicle?

In many cases, yes. Short-term insurance often allows coverage for vehicles you don’t own, making it convenient for borrowing a friend’s car or driving a rental. Check the policy terms for specifics.

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