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If you are looking to buy an affordable teachers auto insurance policy then you are at the right place. We may enable you to find top rated companies that provide hugely discounted car insurance covers to teachers. Being a teacher is a prestigious job and so; most of the insurers see you as a responsible person both financially and as a driver as well. This helps in qualifying for the lowest auto insurance premium rates.

As compared to the average drivers in U.S., teachers pay less to the tune of 15% for a six months car insurance policy. Hence, on an average, you may have to pay just $120 for a one month time period as the average insurance rates for teacher’s car insurance are around $721 for 6 months time span. we can assist you in finding the best and cheapest auto insurance coverage for teachers online within minutes!

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Determine Your Eligibility To Get Discounted Teacher’s Car Insurance Quote

As a teacher, you might be eligible to get premium discounts even if you opt for paying premium monthly. Other categories of drivers are not automatically entitled to receive special discounts on premiums. They need to prove their eligibility to obtain discounted auto insurance packages.

And to lower your car insurance premium, you always have the chance to select high deductible(s). If you decide to choose a higher deductible, the monthly or annual premium amount will be reduced drastically. But if the insured vehicle meets with an accident, you might end up spending money on your own for settling a claim especially when damages are huge.

However, if you still think that you want a deductible, it could be better if you set some money aside for tackling an emergency situation. A high deductible with low sustainable monthly payments may then be a worthwhile consideration.

In addition, you need to know that your ability to qualify for auto insurance premium discounts will also depend on certain other factors such as your age, the neighbourhood in which you live as well as your past driving record.

Insurers normally offer premium discounts for some specific job titles and occupations as mentioned below.

  • Educators - active and retired
  • Active US military or veterans
  • Medical professionals
  • Government employees

Nevertheless, your chances of getting premium discounts for your particular job title will depend on your state’s rules and regulations, availability of coverage as well as the insurer with whom you are planning to work with.

Vital Tips To Save Money While Buying The Best Car Insurance For Teachers

Finding the best car insurance rates for teachers can be a challenging task as several factors go into the determination of premiums. Parameters like your age, gender, the type and make of vehicle that is to be insured, past driving record, credit history, etc. could assume tremendous significance while determining overall affordability of premium charged. However, still there could be few ways to save precious dollars during your overall effort to secure cheaper car coverage.

Accordingly, it could be worthwhile to take the below mentioned aspects into consideration before you start researching various options which are available at your disposal.


Insurers offer an array of teacher car insurance discounts, one of them being the multi-policy discount. If you own a house or even if you are living on rent, you can try and group homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you can think of bundling it with auto insurance and qualify for a special premium discount. Such a move will save money.


Car values depreciate with the passage of time and so, if your vehicle over 5 years old, you might not need to buy collision and comprehensive coverage features as they are expensive. It may be cheaper to settle a claim on your own rather than pay higher premium. Hence, you can think of dropping these auto insurance coverage features.


By selecting a higher deductible, it is possible to reduce the car insurance premium drastically. But before making such a decision it could be much better if you ask your chosen teacher’s auto insurance company how much money you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Also check what happens if you get into an at-fault accident.


Extensive shopping and comparison of free quotes provided by several different insurers will help you to locate the best as well as the cheapest quote for your unique driving needs and budget. To make an informed decision on your car insurance purchase, we may enable you to get assisted by a competent local agent for free.

Learn How To Get Cheap Car Insurance Deals For Teachers And Save Money

When exploring your teacher’s car insurance options, it could be pertinent for you to inquire with all insurers whether they do provide special discounts on premium for educators. If yes, you may have to give proof of your being a school or college teacher. Here’s a list of some top rated national insurance companies that offer discounts on auto insurance for retired teachers and active tutoring professionals

  • California Casualty
  • Esurance
  • Farmers
  • Horace Mann
  • Liberty Manual
  • Plymouth Rock New Jersey

Apart from the aforesaid auto insurance companies, some insurers may even extend affiliation or group savings discounts if you are an active member of some affiliated group. Besides, some state teachers’ associations like the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) offer up to 10% discount on car insurance premium for members and their immediate family as well.

It is possible to bundle car insurance for maximising savings. Typically, associations such the MTA team up with some external agencies for enabling partnership discounts. In this particular case, MTA has teamed up with the Educators Insurance Agency that is member of Hanover Insurance Group.

Similarly, some trade schools or even big colleges are known for providing affiliation discounts on car insurance to their students as well as alums. For example, the City University of New York (CUNY) not only offers discounted auto insurance to its slums but also provides premium discounts for home insurance coverage, travel and dining, theatre as well as movie tickets. To learn more about your chances of securing a discounted teacher’s auto insurance package, contact us today!

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Get Help To Compare The Best And Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes Teachers

Teachers are perceived to be much safer drivers than those in other professions. Past studies have revealed that educators have lower probability of filing claims and so they are considered less of a risk to insure by companies that provide car insurance for school teachers and college academicians. As a result, teachers can easily get the lowest car insurance rates and in fact, some insurers may even extend special bonuses such as zero dollar deductible on teacher’s vehicle insurance policies.

In any case, to find the best and cheapest quote on car insurance for retired teachers or those on active duty, extensive shopping could be required. By comparing free quotes offered by several top rated insurers in your neighbourhood, you can locate the most affordable proposal for your unique driving needs and budget. Alias Insurance can assist you during the effort to make it hassle-free as well as in making an informed decision on your purchase.

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