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Purchasing a new car can be really exciting. You must be aware that users can own a car without paying a down payment. While some people consider car insurance as an expense, in reality, it isn’t. It ensures protection from various damages. In case of major car damages and repairs, the cost will be borne by your insurance provider.

But the question is, can you avail the benefit of car insurance coverage without a down payment? Is there anything called no down payment car insurance?

No down payment car insurance means the auto insurance policy requires only the first month’s premium or less to start the policy. No down payment car insurance can be an ideal choice when you don’t have sufficient money to make full insurance payment. You can get started with a small amount.

The term no down payment car insurance is misleading because getting insurance without paying any money upfront is not possible. “No down payment” doesn’t mean you can get insurance with zero money. You need to pay the first month’s coverage or even less.

The good thing is you can start your car insurance with a small amount.

Insurance companies offer two ways to make car insurance payments: monthly payments and lump sum payments for six months or one year.

Depending on the insurance company you choose, some companies require you to pay one month’s coverage, while some require it to be even less. While the term says “no down payment,” you won’t find any insurance company charging no down payment for car insurance.

Alias Insurance offers cheap full coverage auto insurance with no down payment. You can sign up for our “no deposit car insurance” policy by paying coverage of one month or even less. To know more about our insurance policy, get in touch with us today!

How Does No Down Payment Auto Insurance Work?

Talking about auto insurance, there are two ways you can pay: make monthly payments or pay lumpsum. When you opt for lumpsum payment for an entire year, you can avail some discount from the insurance company.

No down payment on auto insurance doesn’t mean you will be paying zero money upfront. Depending on your insurance company, you need to pay the coverage of one month (or even less). Whatever amount you will be paying upfront is the commission or fee. It will be just part of your total payable amount.

After you pay the upfront amount, you will be charged monthly. Your total insurance premium will be deducted from the amount you paid upfront. Then, it will be divided into total months.

No down payment auto insurance is perfect for drivers who can’t afford to pay the entire year’s premium all at once. They can start their auto insurance by paying a small amount upfront, then equal monthly installments.

How Much Does A Car Insurance Down Payment Cost?

If you are thinking of purchasing a no down payment car insurance policy, it’s essential to know that whatever amount you will pay in the beginning won’t be the additional premium.

Whatever premium amount you pay will be deducted from future monthly payments. Let’s say you purchase a six-month car insurance policy that costs $600.

In that case, if you paid $0 upfront, the monthly premium will be $100. However, if you pay 10%, i.e., $60 as a down payment, your monthly premium will be $90.

If you pay 20%, i.e., $120 as a down payment, your monthly premium will be $80. And if you pay 30%, i.e., $180 as a down payment, your monthly premium will be $70.

In a nutshell, the more you pay as a down payment, the lesser the insurance premium you have to pay. Many people think down payment as an additional fee or deposit. Actually, it’s not an additional fee. The down payment you make will get deducted from the insurance policy amount.

Now, coming to the important aspect, i.e., the cost of car insurance. The cost differs based on several factors, including the person’s age, gender, credit score, driving record, prior insurance, location, and vehicle.

Additionally, car insurance down payment also differs from one company to another. Some companies charge one month’s coverage, while some require you to pay even less.

Lower Your Rate With No Down Payment Car Insurance

So, you have decided to get car insurance but looking for cheap car insurance with no down payment? Well, there are some ways you can get cheap car insurance with “no down payment.”

Here, the term “no down payment” doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay any money upfront. You have to pay some money, but you can keep it minimum.

  • Bundle your insurance : The best way to save money is by bundling your car insurance with other insurance. If you already have other insurance, you can ask your insurer if they offer bundle insurance at special prices. Suppose you already have a home insurance policy running. In that case, you can ask the insurance company if you can get a special price by bundling your home insurance policy with your car insurance policy.
  • Raise deductibles : Another way to lower your car insurance rate is by increasing deductibles. A deductible is an amount you need to pay if you ever get caught in an accident. By raising the deductibles of your insurance policy, you agree that you are ready to pay higher money from your pocket in case you are ever in an accident. Doing so can help you save money, but raising deductibles too much is not recommended. You are the one who can tell how much is the right deductible amount for you.
  • Ask for discounts : You can also ask your insurer about discounts. Many car insurance companies provide a list of discounts. They offer discounts to drivers who complete recognized driving courses and install safety devices in the car. These things ensure safety and reduce the chances of an accident. As a result, insurance companies can manage to offer a good discount.
  • Insure multiple cars : Another way to save on your no down payment car insurance is by insuring multiple cars. If you own multiple cars, getting an insurance policy from a single insurance company is a good idea.
  • Credit history: Credit history is another crucial factor insurance companies often consider. While some people think credit history has nothing to do with the car insurance amount. But it actually creates an impact. Better credit history often means the owner is more responsible. As a result, you can expect to get a nice discount if you have a good credit history.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Require Down Payments?

People often get confused about “no down payment” car insurance. From the name, it may seem that the insurance policy doesn’t require you to pay upfront, but it’s not the truth. Car insurance companies do require down payments. The question is, why?

Well, there are several reasons behind that. First, the insurance company would not want customers who don’t pay money.

Many people only consider getting a car insurance policy because they want to complete the car purchase or renew its registration. After completing a car purchase or renewing its registration, the customer may cancel the policy.

The car insurance company will not make any money in such a case. So, the insurance company would want to avoid taking the risk. It will be just a waste of time and money for the company. That’s why insurance companies ask for a small down payment upfront to start the policy.

One thing to note is that the down payment is not an extra fee or premium. It’s calculated on the total amount. Depending on whether you have opted for six months or 1-year car insurance policy, the amount of the down payment will be deducted from it.

In short, the more money you pay upfront, the lesser your monthly premium will be. And the less you pay upfront, the more the monthly premium will be.

Am I Eligible To Get No Down Payment Insurance?

You need to remember that you cannot get car insurance without paying any amount upfront. To start your insurance policy, you need to pay some money upfront. It’s just that people often misunderstand the term “no down payment car insurance.”

In reality, you need to pay upfront to start the policy. The down payment amount could be of up to two months’ premium. No down payment car insurance is perfect for those who can’t manage to pay the entire amount at once. In such cases, you can make monthly payments.

In a nutshell, money upfront is required to be eligible for no down payment insurance. Without making at least the first monthly payment, the coverage won’t be effective.

How Much Down Payment Is Needed? What If You Can’t Afford It?

You want to buy car insurance, but making six months or an entire year’s payment all at once may seem a bit more. That’s when cheap auto insurance with no down payment comes into the picture. You don’t need to have the entire tenure amount to get started.

The main question is, how much money do you need to pay the first down payment? Well, it differs from one insurance company to another. The monthly rate is usually up to two months of coverage.

The exact down payment amount will be based on the policy you choose. But usually, it is between 20% to 33% of a six-month total. Depending on your budget, coming up with 20% to 33% of the total coverage amount can be difficult.

With no down payment auto insurance, you can start the insurance policy by paying as little as one month’s premium. Thus, no down payment is affordable for all drivers.

Process To Get A Cheaper Coverage With A Payment Plan

For some people, car insurance may seem an unnecessary expense. But, in reality, it’s the best investment for your car. In case of an accident or uncertainty, car insurance will be a savior. The insurance company will take care of expenses due to car damage.

For most people, the main issue with insurance is high premiums. That’s one of the reasons why most people opt for the monthly payment plan. Monthly payment plans are quick and require a lower down payment.

At, we provide the option to sign up for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. It comes down to your choice and preference.

If you are on a budget, take a look at the below steps to get cheaper coverage:

  • Shop around : Before you sign up with any insurance company’s policy, it’s a good idea to compare multiple companies’ pricing and other details. So, first of all, get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Note that pricing isn’t the only thing you should be comparing. You also need to check other aspects like customer reviews, support quality, etc. Any insurer might offer the policy at the lowest price, but if its support quality is bad or has bad customer reviews, it’s not worth it. Getting quotes from multiple companies will give you a better idea of which company offers the best price and service.
  • Increase your deductible : Another fantastic way to get cheaper coverage is by increasing your deductibles. A deductible is the amount of money you have to pay from your pocket in case of an accident or car damage. By increasing deductibles, you agree that you are ready to bear a specified amount from your pocket. By increasing the deductible to $1,000, you could save about 40%. To get cheaper coverage, don’t increase deductibles too much. And, make sure whatever deductible amount you set, you have that much amount kept aside.
  • Improve credit score : Improving your credit score can also help you get cheaper coverage. A better credit score shows that you are responsible and pay your bills on time. It gives surety to the insurance company that you will pay premium amounts every month on time. That’s why insurance companies offer discounts to people with good credit scores.
  • Get discounts : You can avail discount on your car insurance and find cheaper coverage in different ways. You can get various types of discounts depending on the insurance company you choose. You can get good student discounts, bundling discounts, safety features discounts, and safe driving discounts. In short, the insurance company is more likely to offer a good discount if you can showcase your driving skills and car safety.
  • It depends on the car you own : The car you own is one such factor that significantly impacts your payment plan. Let’s say you own sports or a luxury car; then the insurance will be higher. On the other hand, if you own an SUV, the insurance amount will be less. The reason is luxury cars have higher repair and replacement costs.

Here Are 5 Important FAQs

What is a down payment for car insurance?

A down payment is an upfront amount to start the insurance policy. It is not an additional fee or charge. The amount you pay as a down payment will get deducted from the total coverage amount.

Which auto insurance companies don't require a down payment?

Standard insurance companies require a down payment because it’s a risk for the insurance company. However, many non-standard insurance companies don’t require a down payment.

Is an insurance down payment the same as a deposit?

The answer is no. Though a down payment is often called a deposit, it’s not a deposit. You won’t get back the down payment because it’s part of the total premium.

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