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How Much Money You Can Save On Car Insurance For Teachers

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by admin

It is much easy to get the best teachers auto insurance at a low price. The average driver in America will have to pay much more for his car coverage. Most of car insurers treat teaching job as noble and one that has lot of respect. And this belief of theirs is backed by studies.

On an average, those who do teaching job tend to spend $17 less for 6 months car coverage than other drivers. The average cost of teacher’s car coverage is $757 for a 6 months policy. This means that every month, a teacher has to spend just $126 on car coverage.

But still, it could be hard for a teacher to find the right type of car coverage at the right price. There are lot of factors which you need to mull over to make sure that you get enough coverage. Price is not a problem; it is your money that needs protection. So, it is better to seek advice from experts.

Alias Insurance can help you to get the best car coverage for teachers at a low price. Use our comparison tool to see how much you can save on your teacher’s car insurance quote now!

Determine Your Eligibility To Get Discounted Teacher’s Car Insurance Quote

As a teacher, you might be eligible to get premium discounts even if you opt for paying premium monthly. Other categories of drivers are not automatically entitled to receive special discounts on premiums. They need to prove their eligibility to obtain discounted auto insurance packages.

And to lower your car insurance premium, you always have the chance to select high deductible(s). If you decide to choose a higher deductible, the monthly or annual premium amount will be reduced drastically. But if the insured vehicle meets with an accident, you might end up spending money on your own for settling a claim especially when damages are huge.

However, if you still think that you want a deductible, it could be better if you set some money aside for tackling an emergency situation. A high deductible with low sustainable monthly payments may then be a worthwhile consideration.

In addition, you need to know that your ability to qualify for auto insurance premium discounts will also depend on certain other factors such as your age, the neighbourhood in which you live as well as your past driving record.

Insurers normally offer premium discounts for some specific job titles and occupations as mentioned below.

  • Educators – active and retired
  • Active US military or veterans
  • Medical professionals
  • Government employees

Nevertheless, your chances of getting premium discounts for your particular job title will depend on your state’s rules and regulations, availability of coverage as well as the insurer with whom you are planning to work with.

Tips To Save Money While Buying Car Insurance For Teachers

Finding the best car insurance rates for teachers can be a challenging task as Several factors go into the determination of premiums. Parameters like your age, gender, the type and make of vehicle that is to be insured, past driving record, credit history, etc. could assume tremendous significance while determining overall affordability of premium charged. However, still there could be few ways to save precious dollars during your overall effort to secure cheaper car coverage.

Accordingly, it could be worthwhile to take the below mentioned aspects into consideration before you start researching various options which are available at your disposal.

  • Multi-Policy Premium Discount – Insurers offer an array of teacher car insurance discounts, one of them being the multi-policy discount. If you own a house or even if you are living on rent, you can try and group homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you can think of bundling it with auto insurance and qualify for a special premium discount. Such a move will save money.
  • Choose The Right Coverage Level – Car values depreciate with the passage of time and so, if your vehicle over 5 years old, you might not need to buy collision and comprehensive coverage features as they are expensive. It may be cheaper to settle a claim on your own rather than pay higher premium. Hence, you can think of dropping these auto insurance coverage features.
  • High Deductibles Reduce Premium – By selecting a higher deductible, it is possible to reduce the car insurance premium drastically. But before making such a decision it could be much better if you ask your chosen teacher’s auto insurance company how much money you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Also check what happens if you get into an at-fault accident.
  • Shop And Compare Multiple Quotes – Extensive shopping and comparison of free quotes provided by several different insurers will help you to locate the best as well as the cheapest quote for your unique driving needs and budget. To make an informed decision on your car insurance purchase, we may enable you to get assisted by a competent local agent for free.

Tips To Get The Best Car Insurance For Teachers

There are many ways to reduce costs on the coverage of car for a teacher. But the best way to save big on the cost of car coverage for you as a teacher is to see if you can get discounts. Here are some vital tips which will help you to get some or even all of those discounts.

  • You can bundle home and car insurance – If you own a home or are a renter and have a car as well then you can think of getting them insured with one insurer. When you do so then you can get a multi-policy discount. See how much you can save. Use our services now!
  • You must have the right level of coverage – You need to know that car values will run down with passing time. So, if your car is more than 10 years old then you will not need an all inclusive coverage. Insurers might not pay costs for damages when our car has lost most of its value.Hence, it is much better if you check the market price with the help of Kelly Blue Book or the NADA guide. That will be of great use for choosing the right level of coverage for your car.

    You even choose a high deductible to reduce your car coverage premium. Our online help will guide you in making an informed decision on it.

  • You need to know how claims will impact rates – You need to be careful when you file a claim post an at-fault accident. The following things can help you to know how claims can impact rates.

1. Find out how much is the damage before you contact your insurer. If you have deductible then it will cover up part of the costs. But the rest of the costs will have to be borne by you.

2. Get advice from experts to see how car coverage rates have gone up due to at-fault accidents in your state.

3. You need to multiply the new rates by three and add the sum to your deductible. It will let you to know how much you might have to spend on coverage for your car.

4. You need to compare all costs and choose the cheapest option.

  • You must compare several quotes to get the best quote – You can save big by comparing rates and coverage levels that are provided by multiple insurers.

Teacher Car Insurance Discounts

It could be hard to find the best teachers ‘auto insurance company on your own. This is due to the fact that there are many things that are taken into account for assessing the car coverage risks. So, it is better that you heed to our advice. The best way to bring down your car premium is to get discounts. Here are some of them.
  • Multi-policy discount – To get this discount you need to buy two or more policies from one insurer.
  • Safe driver discount – If your driving record is clean then you can get this discount.
  • Good student discount – If your teen has good grades in college and is listed on your car policy then you can get this discount.
  • Driver training discount – If you take a driver training course then you can get this discount.
  • Pay premium in lump sum – If you pay premium for the term coverage in lump sum then you can get this discount.
  • Drive less number of miles – If you tell your insurer that you will drive fewer miles throughout the year then you can get a discount. You can use the public transport system more often or share car ride. This is because as you will drive less miles, there is little chance of meeting with an accident.
In such a case, insurer may provide you a black box car policy. But the insurer will also keep watch on your driving habits. We can help you to check if you can get discounts on your teacher’s car coverage. You may use our services to know how much money you can save with discounts. To get started with your task, just give us details of your name, age, place of residence and driving record. Leave the rest to us!

Advice To Find The Best Teachers Car Insurance Company

How much discount you will get on your car insurance for teachers may depend on the company with which you will work. Here you can just see the discounts that car insurers offer to teachers.
  • GEICO – If you are a teacher then you can get some big discounts on your car coverage. And if you are a member of the National Council of Teachers of English or the Association of American Educators then you will save even more.
  • Farmers – It is known to offer discounts on car coverage to drivers who are teachers. In the state of Virginia, K-12 teachers can get a special affinity discount if they buy car coverage from a subsidiary of Farmers.
  • Horace Mann – It is also known for providing discounts on car coverage to teachers. But it could be better if you are a member of some organization. You will save more.
  • Liberty Mutual – It also provides discounts on car coverage to teachers. But how much you can save will depend on the state in which you live.
  • Meemic – The company offers up to 35% discounts on car coverage to teachers. And some special discounts are only provided to teachers. For example, you can get a discount for up to 7 years if you are a certified teacher.
  • Educators insurance agency – It is a subsidiary of Hanover Insurance Group. This agency provides some select discounts on car coverage to teachers that are members of Massachusetts Teachers Association.
  • Teachers Insurance Plan of New Jersey – It is a subsidiary of the Plymouth Rock. If you are a teacher then you can get the lowest coverage rates for your car in the state through this plan.
The discounts offered on car coverage will vary from state to state. Hence, to know what types of discounts are being provided by different insurers and how much, it is better to talk to the insurer directly. You can even talk to a competent local agent to learn more. Alias Insurance can help you to check if you can get a discounted teacher’s car coverage package. Apply now!

How To Get The Cheapest Auto Insurance For Teachers?

There are some other ways to save lot of money on your teacher’s car coverage costs. Here is some vital information about the same which may prove to be of great help.

  • You need to compare 4 to 5 free quotes – It will help you to get the best as well as the cheapest quote. Our online comparison tool will make the shopping task easy for you. To see how much you can save, act now!
  • You can buy home and car coverage bundle – If you buy home and car insurance from the same insurer then you can get an extra discount. This way you can save extra money.
  • You can choose to pay more for a deductible – To reduce your teacher’s car coverage rates in a big way you can choose and pay more for deductible. But there is a downside to doing so. If your car meets with an accident then you may have spend more out-of-pocket. So, it is much better that you consult an agent to take such a decision.
  • You can think of buying a usage based coverage – If you are going to drive less miles throughout the term of coverage then buying pay-per-mile car insurance could be a good option. Most of the insurers provide discount to drivers who drive less than 12,000 miles in a year. Thus, a usage based car policy could cost much less.
  • You can drop coverage features that are not needed – If you are driving a car which is more than 10 years old then you don’t need to buy full coverage. You can drop comprehensive and collision features that come at a huge cost. They are not required as your car has less market value.

Here Are Important FAQs

How much does car insurance cost for teachers each month?

Just like in the case of other drivers, those in the teaching profession are also subject to factors like age, gender, driving record, residential location and credit history. But teachers are considered to be responsible drivers and hence, they are charged less for auto insurance coverage. Accordingly, the cheapest basic vehicle insurance covers for teachers may cost under $100 every month. But if you have good driving record as well as credit rating then the overall car insurance cost could be around $195 each month for a full coverage policy.

How to get the cheapest auto insurance coverage for teachers?

Auto insurance costs can be kept low by buying minimum liability coverage as is mandated by state law. But if you decide to buy higher liability coverage limits as well as comprehensive and collision coverage features, the cost may go up considerably. It is advisable to purchase more coverage as it will grant complete financial protection against any eventuality involving your insured car. Insurers might offer an array of premium discounts to qualified drivers that can help them in lowering auto insurance cost substantially. So, check whether you are eligible to obtain a discounted package.

Where to find the cheapest teacher’s car insurance policy quotes?

The internet could be the best place to locate the best as well as cheapest auto insurance quotes for teachers. Online tools enable quick comparison of free quote estimates and save hundreds. is also in the business of helping drivers to make informed decisions on their vehicle insurance purchases. You can use our cost-free online professional services to know how much you can save on your teacher’s auto insurance quote within few minutes. Our experts will assist you in finding the best cheap car insurance quote online for you.

Are teachers provided any kind of special discounts on car insurance premiums by insurers?

Teachers can secure special premium discounts on car insurance policies but such a proposition will also depend on the type of insurer that you are working with. Some auto insurance providers do take into consideration driver’s profession while assessing coverage risks and calculating premiums. And teachers are considered among the least risky propositions to insure because of which you may stand to benefit. Besides, few insurers may even provide special premium discount to teachers but the best way to save money is to do extensive shopping and inquire about discount.

Does Horace Mann offer auto insurance coverage for rental vehicles?

No, Car insurance policies provided by Horace Mann do not cover rental vehicles. However, as a policyholder, you can add rental reimbursement coverage feature to your teacher’s auto insurance policy. It will pay the cost for getting a car on rent when your vehicle is in garage for emergency repairs. The proposal may increase your premium but safeguards you against additional expenses in a situation wherein you are required to get a car on rent from a lease company and thus, gives you peace of mind.

Which car insurance companies might be the best for teachers?

There are few companies that offer auto insurance policies which are specifically designed to cater to the unique driving needs and requirements of drivers who are in teaching profession. These may include insurers like California Casualty, Horace Mann, Liberty Mutual, Meemic and Plymouth Rock.

Nevertheless, the car coverage needs of teachers are likely to vary from person to person and so, it is recommended that you get and compare as many free quote estimates as possible. Our specialists are there to guide you during the multiple quotes comparison task online.

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