What is 24 Hour Car Insurance?

When in the particular circumstances where you are required to own another car for a couple of days or in special circumstances where you’re concerned with driving a specific vehicle for a couple of hours only, you can take either the multiple days 24 hour car insurance cover policy or get it just for a day to ensure that your car has protection, respectively.

Such types of car insurance coverage are usually bought only in rare cases with fewer people needing such coverage for a limited time. For the same reasons, only a handful of auto insurance providers can provide this type of coverage which in itself comes with strict guidelines that must be followed inevitably. It is also possible that you may be required to pay a fixed amount upfront at the time of obtaining the coverage instead of paying it later.

The many differences between such types of car insurance coverage and standard car insurance coverage ultimately raise the need to perform proper research before outright purchasing one. It is also true that most companies who do not actively advertise it may also provide such type of coverage on their own terms, which must be ideally understood before finalizing the deal.

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When is 24 Hour Car Insurance Most Useful

The 24-hour coverage can be useful for your car in the following circumstances and scenarios:

  • Brand New Car - When you have readily purchased a new vehicle but are still unsure about the type of coverage you should buy, this short term car insurance can help you become legally eligible to drive your car on the roads until you finalize and get the necessary coverage that suits your needs.
  • Borrowing a Vehicle - If you happen to borrow someone else’s vehicle for a short period of time and want to maintain the case where you do not cause damage to it then getting 24-hour auto insurance can help you use the vehicle with ease of mind. It will also help to avoid any charges in cases of accidents should there occur any while you’re in the possession of the said car.
  • Renting a Vehicle - The 24hr auto insurance is perhaps the most ideal plan for you to ensure coverage for your vehicle when you are renting a vehicle. Such situations can occur either during holidays or when you’re visiting another city or state and want to have a convenient option of mobility. A rental company can also offer you such type of car insurance at the time of providing you the car.

24 Hour Auto Insurance and Regular Car Insurance Differences

A car insurance coverage for 24 hours is a type of short-term insurance for your car which serves to protect you and the vehicle for a definite period of time. Unlike what is required to pay in bi-annual or annually covered car insurance policies, the net payable sum is significantly lesser in this type of insurance while offering nearly similar protection coverage.


The only crucial difference that exists between a standard and a 24-hour auto insurance policy is limited to the duration of their validity. Otherwise, both types of insurance plans offer similar coverage that can help drivers obtain the type of protection that they may require.


The primary benefit of obtaining such coverage is that it begins right from the moment you make the payment which thereon helps with making you eligible for legally driving the respective vehicle that you may pick. The coverage may also extend to any vehicle that you may rent or borrow and the cost of such insurance coverage per day is usually as low as $10 per day.


You are only provided two options by a 24 hour car insurance company to get either the liability-only coverage or the comprehensive coverage that also covers cases of collision. The latter type also covers auto repairs to third parties, property damage, personal injury, theft, etc, whereas the former will only cover for the driver and the vehicle. Therefore it will be beneficial to get comprehensive coverage to later prevent the scene of paying out of pocket for any incidents.


Typically, the standard coverage cost differs greatly between car insurance providers while it depends on various individual factors. After comparing the differences in the rates between different auto insurance providing companies, the average annual cost falls between approximately $3,500 to $4,200 for the standard and complete coverage respectively. A 10% of these annual costs can be expected to be the monthly premium amount which is still significantly more than what you have to pay when you get 24-hour car insurance.

Eligibility to Get 24 Hour Car Insurance

A standard car insurance policy is valid for a longer time as opposed to this type of short-term auto insurance plan. This makes it risky for insurance companies to provide such coverage to drivers under the age of 24 in normal cases. Some companies may also waive off any such requirement but that too depends on various individual factors that collectively form the profile of the driver.

After considering all the factors such as the state laws, past driving record, and so on, if the driver isn’t found to be placed under the high-risk category, he or she may then be eligible to have 24 hour car insurance for new drivers.

Additionally, if you do not get the required coverage from a particular auto insurance company based on your risk factor, you should continue seeking it all the same from other companies as they each have different parameters of calculating the risk and the cost.

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How to get 24 Hour Car Insurance?

To start off, you should first make yourself familiar with the policy including its eligibility, cost of premium, validity, coverage options, and excluded penalties. Once you’ve successfully learned this set of information, you can seek quotes on various websites of 24 hour auto insurance companies by filling in similar details on each regarding the coverage you may need, validity, etc to ideally get competitive quotes.

You may also contact any local car insurance agents, specialists, or organizations that can help you find and or provide ideal coverage options for your vehicle that match your desired needs. These entities apart from online searches can also allow you to pick discounts that you can use to further lower the total cost of 24 Hour Car Insurance coverage.

It is also noteworthy to add that after you have thoroughly analyzed and then found the correct option that suits your preferences and requirements, you should ideally purchase it to begin your car insurance coverage and while you’re at it, do painstakingly collect any and all the proof of payment and policy certificate from the insurer to be on the safe side.

Save Money On 24 Hour Car Insurance

First off, you should never instantly purchase any cheap 24 hour car insurance without first learning about all of its conditions and the added specific exclusions, there will definitely be some, look for them. This can become easier if you instead search quotes for the same online because the results often tend to highlight important key points apart from depicting competitive rates.

It is also useful to compare the 24 hour car insurance quotes you may obtain with what is usually paid for a day in monthly standard car insurance plans that also offer similar coverage. This can better help you recognize deals that may or may not be beneficial to your needs.

Lastly, it is important to also know that the rates you may obtain are significantly dependent on the basis of your age, gender, the model of the car you may drive, your driving record, and so on which qualifies for calculating your risk factor.

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