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A rental auto insurance policy is a coverage that you must buy before you get a vehicle on lease or rent. Car rental companies do have fleet insurance policies but these might not cover drivers other than those listed on the coverage. Hence, if you plan to get a rental car, you may not be covered for any financial damages that will likely result due to an accident or collision involving the rented car. So, it is desirable to secure protection by way of purchasing separate rental auto insurance cover.

It is possible to buy rental car insurance coverage directly from different top rated companies, credit cards as well as through third party insurers. A typical rental vehicle insurance policy will offer basic or minimum liability coverage for bodily injuries caused to other persons or other person’s property damages that complies with your state’s legal requirements. However, you can purchase additional coverage features for protecting your finances from treatment costs of bodily injuries suffered by you or damages to the leased or rented car because of an accident or collision.

Learn How To Get Cheap Rental Car Insurance And Save Money Online Now

Buying a within budget car rental insurance cover can be a highly challenging and complicated task. It may happen that your regular auto insurance policy covers rental cars as well. You need to check that out prior to exploring various options for insuring a rental car. Insurance for leased or rented vehicles can be purchased at the counters of rental agencies. But you may have to do some advance homework for securing a solution that offers adequate coverage levels at the most affordable price rates. Besides, to save money, it could be better if you follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • If you already have personal car that is insured, you can contact the company’s representative to know whether rental cars are covered under your existing policy. If yes then make sure that the level of coverage offered for a rental car is better than what rental company’s cover is providing.
  • Some credit card companies may also provide rental vehicle insurance covers as part of their business strategy to get customers. You can ascertain with your credit card issuers if insurance fees for rental cars have been included in card payments and go through the terms and conditions of such coverage.
  • To keep rental vehicle insurance costs, you can even explore purchasing third party options. There are few companies like Travel Guard that offer auto insurance to drivers who cannot or don’t use car coverage provided by either credit cards or regular policies. The fees charged could be less and affordable.
  • You can look for rental car insurance discount offered by some rental agency online. At times, car companies may provide discounts to drivers who purchase rental vehicle insurance coverage online instead of over-the-counter. There are chances that you might find a policy with lower deductible and higher liability coverage limits.
  • It is important that you carry proof for having valid insurance coverage when you drive car on road regardless of whether the vehicle is owned or rented. Therefore, make sure that you have proof of rental car insurance coverage secured from credit cards, rental counter or a third party insurer.

Looking To Buy Rental Car Insurance Online? Here Are Your Coverage Options

Explore The Main Reasons For You To Buy Rental Car Insurance Full Coverage

There are few unique situations which might prompt you to buy the personal rental car insurance from a rental auto company over the counter. Such a prerogative can ensure that your finances are fully protected while driving the rented car on road. Some of these circumstances are as highlighted under:

  • You are having inadequate or no auto insurance coverage: In the absence of comprehensive and collision coverage features or a policy with extremely high deductible, it makes sense to purchase LDW from rental Car Company. Alternatively, if you don’t have car coverage at all, you must buy supplementary liability cover.
  • You are planning a business trip and will need a rented car : You may require hiring car for a planned business trip or vacation but your regular policy is unlikely to cover rental cars. Normally, personal auto insurance policies don’t cover personal cars if they are used for business purposes.
  • You are thinking of travelling abroad and will need a car on rent : Your personal car insurance policy is unlikely to cover rented cars when you are on overseas travel. Some auto insurance covers provided by credit card companies may offer protection, make sure that the country is not excluded.
  • You want to ensure that car insurance rates are unaffected with rented car : If rental car meets with an accident and you are required to file claim with your regular policy then your auto insurance rates will increase. Why take such a risk when rental car insurance is available.

Advantages Of Having Personal Car Cover Over A Rental Car Insurance Policy

  • Regular auto insurance is a cheaper option – If your existing car insurance policy covers rental cars as well and coverage is sufficient then there is no need to buy separate rental auto insurance policy. You can avoid unnecessary spending on getting the rental car insured and drive the rental vehicle with total peace of mind as you know that your finances are fully protected.
  • You can trust your current insurance provider – When you are already using insurance for driving your personal vehicle, you have some relationship with your insurer and so, you can trust the company’s claims settlement and support services. If you get rental car insurance online separately then you will have to deal with a new insurance company regarding which less might be known to you.
  • No extra time is required for preparing paperwork – No extra time is required for preparing paperwork – With regular car insurance policy covering a rental car, you don’t have to devote extra time for preparing new set of documentation that rental auto companies will require you to furnish. You are aware that rental cars are covered under your personal auto insurance and thus, get rid of tiresome paperwork for driving rental vehicle legally as is required by law.

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