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Non Owner Car Insurance With SR-22 Certificate - What Is It And Why Buy It?

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When you don’t a car but borrow one from a friend or relative or get a vehicle on rent for sometime but your driver’s license is under suspension for whatsoever reasons then non owned auto coverage can bail you out of the situation. With this type of car coverage, you can drive a borrowed or rented car legally on road. Such a policy will provide basic liability coverage as is prescribed by your state’s law and protect your finances if the borrowed or leased vehicle meets with an accident. However, there might be few requirements for buying such type of coverage.

Majority of the states in U.S. require resident drivers with suspended license to file for SR-22 or FR-44 certification. Accordingly, to qualify for non-owner’s car insurance, you need to make sure that you comply with the below mentioned conditions.

  • You are not actual owner of the vehicle that is to be insured      
  • The residential or office address of borrowed or rental car is different from your home address
  • The car to be insured must not have ignition interlock device installed in it

An SR-22 or FR-44 non-owner’s auto insurance policy covers bodily injuries liability and coverage for property damages.   

Here Are The 4 Top Reasons To Buy Cheap Non Owner SR22 Insurance Online

  • Carrying proof for having valid car insurance is a legal requirement – All states in the U.S. require drivers to buy minimum liability coverage regardless of whether they own cars or even borrow or lease them.  Having non-owner auto insurance can be one of the best options available to drivers who are not owners of cars that they drive. Besides, such type of car coverage is simple to get and easily affordable to non-owner drivers.
  • You are planning to borrow car from friend/relative or get it on rent – It is important to get a borrowed or rented car covered separately as its existing auto insurance coverage may not cover unlisted drivers. You must at least make sure that you have state required minimum liability car coverage for borrowed or leased vehicle. Such a proposition serves to accords protection to your finances if the non-owned vehicle meets with an accident.
  • You want to prevent possible coverage lapse since you are in-between cars – It is always possible to get previous auto insurance policy cancelled when you sell your old car and think of buying a new one. But while doing so, you can also consider swapping your coverage with a cheap non-owner auto insurance cover. Such a move will invariably maintain continuity of car coverage and thus, enable you to save money in long run.
  • You don’t have money for owning car but still need to drive one by borrowing or leasing – A non-owner car insurance policy grants financial protection to drivers who don’t cars but regularly borrow cars from other persons or get vehicles on rent very often. You can’t drive a car without having valid insurance as per national law and so, it is always better if you get car covered with a non-owner auto insurance policy.

Will SR-22 Car Insurance For Non Car Owners Cover Any Car That I Will Drive?

What is the process for Buying Non Owner Sr22 Insurance?

You may have to file for an SR-22 certification with your state’s DMV if your driver’s license has been suspended for DUI, DWI or some serious offense. As soon as the court issues an order to that effect, you will have to contact your non-owner auto insurance provider. Nevertheless, not all car insurance companies offer SR-22 certificate. It could be better if you call on your agent to learn about the further course of action.

If your agent is unable to help you out then you may have to do some research on your own and find a way out. Normally, it can take up to 30 days time to get SR-22 certificate and you may also have to engage legal services of a competent attorney. Once you receive the SR-22 document and submit it to your state’s DMV, suspension of your driver’s license may be partially revoked and your driving privileges restored temporarily. Until SR-22 certification remains active, the DMV cannot suspend your license.   

In a typical process of SR-22 filing, driver with suspended license will purchase certificate only after meeting certain minimum liability requirements and the insurer that issues such a certificate will be notifying to the DMV regarding the same. And while submitting copy of SR-22 certification, driver must ensure that he has got a short term “hardship license’ to drive car for running errands. Besides, SR-22 car insurance laws are unique within the gambit of law.    

So, you must make sure that your coverage doesn’t lapse or else your insurer will notify to your state’s DMV that you have failed to comply with your state’s driving and insurance rules as well as regulations. It can lead to cancellation of your driving privileges. Hence, make sure that there is no gap in coverage when policy renewal is near.

Act Today For Saving Money With Cheap SR22 Non Owner Insurance Policy

It is needless to say that SR22 non owner insurance for cars is cheaper than traditional car insurance covers. Getting SR-22 vehicle insurance is a smart way to protect your finances especially when you are driving borrowed or rental cars. There is always a probability of your meeting with an accident while driving a car that you have borrowed from a friend or relative or got on rent from a rental company or private party.     

Besides, the possibility of license suspension can never be ruled out regardless of your driving an owned car or borrowed/leased one. Certain offenses like DUI or DWI convictions can attract penalties in the form of a suspended driver’s license. And until the borrowed or leased car’s driver makes moves to get license reinstated, states require them to file for SR-22 or SR-44 certification. The only way to ensure savings is to be a responsible driver.

Determine How Much Non Owner Car Insurance SR22 Will Cost

The overall cost of a non-owner’s car insurance policy could depend on the following factors.

  • Coverage levels being sought
  • Your previous driving history
  • The neighbourhood in which you live
  • How often you will be driving a borrowed or rented car

In addition, you need to know that if you are buying non-owner’s auto insurance cover for SR-22 filing because of a very recent DUI or DWI conviction then the premium rates could be significantly higher but still they will be much lower than those which apply to regular owned car’s insurance policy even if you have a bad driving record.  

Locating companies that provide non-owners’ auto insurance policies is not that easy. You may have to seek specialist help from online service providers. With expert assistance online, you will find it much easier to get and compare the best as well as the cheapest free non-owner vehicle insurance quote estimates. Past researches indicate that insurance rates for non-owner policies are about 5% to 15% cheaper than standard car insurance covers with similar level of coverage.

However, to make sure that you are getting the best policy at the right price, it is advisable to compare non-owner auto insurance features and pricing provided by different insurers for the same type and level of coverage. Such a prerogative may enable you to save lot of money without compromising on the coverage levels.

To learn more about your cheapest non owner SR22 insurance car options online, contact us for talking to an expert!

Here Are 5 Important FAQs

How does non-owner insurance affect my rates?

Non-owner insurance is generally more affordable than standard auto insurance since it provides liability-only coverage and is based on your driving history.

Does non-owner insurance cover medical expenses?

Non-owner policies typically focus on liability, so they may not cover your medical expenses. Personal health insurance would address this aspect.

Can I add non-owner insurance to an existing policy?

Yes, many insurance companies allow you to add non-owner coverage as an endorsement to an existing policy for additional protection.

Can I use non-owner insurance for rental cars?

Yes, non-owner car insurance often extends coverage to rental cars, offering a cost-effective alternative to insurance offered by rental agencies.

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