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A low mileage insurance policy for car comes standard with special premium discount. You can benefit by buying this type of an auto insurance cover if you are going to drive less than 7000 miles annually. Nevertheless, your ability to qualify for the lowest insurance rates could depend on the state in which you live as well as the insurance company with which you are working. But it could be possible to save money on premium during your effort to secure a solution that is easy to manage and sustain.

For providing low mileage auto insurance coverage, companies usually install a black box type device in the car that is to be insured. Such type of car coverage is also known as Telematics or usage based auto insurance policy and it gives insurers the privilege to monitor the exact number of miles that a driver is going to drive annually. Alias Insurance can assist you to get and compare the best free low mileage car insurance quotes online. Use our specialist online services for finding a solution that fits your budget.

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Who May Actually Benefit With The Best Low Mileage Car Insurance Policy?

The following groups of individuals can benefit with the best auto insurance for low mileage drivers at lowest premium online.

  • Senior citizens - Retirees or people who work for less hours during post retirement life will be driving fewer number of miles annually. Drivers falling in this category can qualify for low mileage discount on auto insurance premium.
  • Vehicle poolers - If you decide to share car ride with your colleagues for going to and coming back from your workplace, you will drive less miles. If so is your case then you may be eligible to receive car insurance mileage discount.
  • Public transport - In case, you are using public transport systems in your city for plying to various destinations but own a car then your annual car mileage will be less. You can secure a premium discount in such a situation, just inquire.
  • Student drivers - When you are expecting your teen back home from college for a vacation it is likely that he/she will be driving your car. In such a case, it is always desirable to buy a discounted very low mileage car insurance policy as no claims bonus on your existing coverage will not be adversely impacted. Remember, if you add your teen’s name to your current policy, the premium will go up drastically as young drivers are considered to be highly risky propositions to insure because of their lack of driving experience.
  • Secondary cars - If you own another car that you don’t drive very often but only during weekends then you can get it insured with a low mileage auto insurance cover. Nevertheless, it is important that you notify your car insurance company that you have purchased or already have an extra vehicle which you won’t be driving much.

In any case, it has been revealed from a recent study that drivers who drive less than 5,000 miles annually pay around 8% less than drivers that drive 15,000 miles every year. On an average, drivers in America drive about 13,500 miles each year. it means a low mileage policy can save hundreds on premium.

4 Vital Guidelines For Finding The Cheapest Low Mileage Car Insurance Quote

To enhance your chances of securing a discounted auto insurance cover regardless of the number of miles that you will drive, you may take the below mentioned aspects into consideration.


If your present car insurance provider doesn’t provide premium discount for driving fewer miles annually, think of switching over to a new insurer that uses mileage as one of the rating factors for calculating premium.


Most of the companies offer premium discount to defensive drivers and it could be one of the best ways to save money on premium.


You can consider raising deductible while keeping comprehensive as well as collision coverage features for lowering premium. However, if your car is more than 5 years old, you might not need full coverage as it is expensive. So, you can drop comprehensive and collision coverage features altogether.


By buying a usage based or Telematics policy, you can qualify for a low mileage discount. Fewer miles mean lower probability of meeting with an accident and so, insurer will extend discount.

Here’s The 4 Step Process To Get Best Car Insurance For Low Mileage Driver

  • Once you sign up for low mileage auto insurance policy with your chosen insurer and pay the premium, the insurance provider will install a “black box” type device in the car which is insured. It helps the insurer to monitor the actual number of miles being driven every year. Besides, your driving habits will also come under closer scrutiny of the insurer as you are going to be continuously tracked whenever you are on road.
  • Insurer will extend special car insurance low mileage discount after monitoring whether you drive safely on road after a time period of 30 days. So, make sure that you obey traffic rules & regulations while driving on road and stay away from reckless driving practices. If you accumulate too many speeding tickets or violate traffic regulations then you will be deemed as a highly risky proposition and your auto insurance premiums may rise later on.
  • The “black box” type device installed in the insured car provides vital data to insurers regarding drivers’ driving habits. Due to this, insurance providers get an updated picture at periodic intervals. As a result, they can check or review risks involved in providing coverage and even cancel coverage if the risks are too high. To ensure that you fall in line with insurers’ expectations, it is advisable to take up a defensive driver’s training course.
  • When the low mileage car coverage nears the end of its term, the policy will be up for renewal. You can discontinue with the policy if you are not satisfied with its coverage contents and limits. The insurer will provide discount in any case and you can start looking for other cheaper alternatives for getting your vehicle insured. But just make sure that your driving slate is maintained clean and is free of accident record.
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Specialist Low Mileage Car Insurance Advice To Make An Informed Decision

Companies which offer auto insurance low mileage discount policies will approve your application if you indicate to them that you will be driving fewer than 8000 miles during the entire year. Although the amount of discount will vary from company to company, you can expect to get around 10% to 20% concession on annual premium amount. Furthermore, discount rates could also depend on the type, make and model as well as current market value of the vehicle that you are driving. If miles driven exceed 12,000 additional surcharge will apply.

Thus, there is a direct correlation between number of miles and premium. The more miles you will drive, higher will be the probability of meeting with an accident. The risk is compensated by charging surcharge to insurance rates. However, the surcharge fees are lower than the low mileage discount amount. Insurers will add surcharge fees in the range 5-10 percent if you drive more than what had indicated. You can compare coverage limits and premium rates provided by different companies in your neighbourhood to identify the best quote for you.

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