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It could be challenging to get cheap auto insurance with suspended license as most of the insurers wary of working with drivers that pose highest degree of risks. Besides, lot may depend on the exact reason for which your driver’s license is under suspension. If license has been suspended for DUI or DWI offense, you may be even required to file SR-22 certification. Such a proposition may require you to engage services of a qualified and experienced attorney who is thoroughly well versed with the specific paperwork needed for getting driver’s license reinstated. And not all companies provide temporary respite to such category of drivers. If so is your case, you may need specialist help. is one of the premier websites that specializes in enabling drivers to explore possibility of securing auto insurance for suspended license. We can also help you to fix free consultation with a competent lawyer.

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4 Important Guidelines To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Suspended License

It’s never easy to find a company that provides auto insurance for suspended driver’s license when you have been convicted for a DUI/DWI offense or some other serious traffic violation. An expert’s guidance may prove to be worthwhile in getting your driver’s license reinstated. Although there are options to get out of the awkward situation, it can involve huge expenses. Some non-standard car insurance providers may agree to extend short term coverage by charging high premiums. However, it is possible to save some money during your overall effort for driving car legally on road until reinstatement of your driver’s license.

To that effect, if you are in search of low cost auto insurance quote suspended license quote, you may take the following aspects into consideration

  • Compare multiple free quotes : The key for finding the cheapest suspended license driver’s car insurance is extensive comparison shopping. The task of comparing free quotes offered by multiple local insurers can be exhaustive but it will be less rigorous as well as hassle-free if you get assisted by a specialist,
  • Inquire about premium discounts : Affordable car insurance for suspended drivers could be easier to get if you qualify for a hugely discounted package. Insurers provide an array of premium discounts to eligible drivers; you can check your qualification for the same. This way you can save hundreds fo dollars.
  • Add your name to spouse’s policy : If you get your name added to your spouse’s auto insurance cover after your driver’s license is suspended, you may not have to purchase separate coverage to drive car legally on road. Your spouse is primary driver on the policy and you secondary driver.
  • Few other vital things to consider : You may wonder, “Can you get auto insurance with a suspended license?” but such a proposal is a perfect possibility. Insurers may even offer premium discounts for driving safer cars but it could be much better if you drive vehicles that are less expensive.

Explore Your Reasons For Getting Car Insurance With A Suspended License

There could be 4 major reasons for which your driver’s license may be suspended. These might be as mentioned below.


You have been convicted for DUI or DWI offense due to which your license is under suspension and you are required to get it reinstated.


You refused to take an alcohol test by traffic inspector following which your driver’s license has been put under suspension.


You have fled accident site after your car got involved in one or shied away from filing police complaint post collision resulting in license suspension.


Getting indulged in reckless driving practices or excessive speeding or not responding to court summons for violating traffic rules & regulations can also lead to your driver’s license being suspended.

Learn How To Get Car Insurance With A Suspended License Online Now

You can apply and get a hardship or restricted driver’s license from your state’s DMV for driving a car to certain places like visiting doctor, going to place of work or court or for transporting dependents. However, as per state rules and regulations, there might be certain restrictions that are applicable to drivers who acquire hardship licenses. The exact reason behind driver’s license suspension as well as the reason for restricted license request coupled with past driving record dictates the outcome of the process. And very few companies offer car coverage to drivers that have occupational, work or hardship licenses.

A lawyer or certified and experienced agent could be the best person to talk to in such cases. You can get guidance to follow the right course of action for obtaining temporary car insurance after suspended license. In any case, your best bet is to try and work with some standard companies may provide short term car covers to high risk drivers whose license is under suspension for whatsoever reasons. We can assist you to get connected some top rated non-conventional high risk auto insurance providers that might work best for your circumstances. To get started for exploring your options, apply now!

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Can I Get Auto Insurance With A Suspended License? Find Out Online Today

If you still can’t help thinking, “Can you insure a car with a suspended license?” then we will educate you and help you understand the basics. It is possible to buy temporary or short term car coverage with your driver’s license under suspension. But the proposition can be highly expensive & you may have to adhere to certain specific conditions.

In fact, you can even get auto insurance cover if you still don’t have active coverage and your driver’s license has been suspended. There are companies that offer car insurance to high risk drivers and you may have to work with one of them. But you will have to convince insurer that your license suspension is for a short term period and your driving privileges will be restored on reinstatement of your driver’s license soon.

However, if your driver’s license is under suspension for a long time period, you may have to name someone else as primary driver on an altogether new auto insurance coverage. Your name can be listed on the policy only after your driver license gets reinstated


Yes, any licensed driver other than you can drive your car even if your driver’s license is suspended. But you must just make sure that your car’s registration and insurance coverage is valid or else the other driver might be penalized by traffic inspector, if caught, while driving your vehicle without coverage or registration. It will only invite new trouble for you and can cause additional dent on your finances.

Yes, you can get auto insurance coverage even if your spouse’s driver license is under suspension. However, in such a situation, it could be desirable to buy a new separate car insurance policy in your name rather than have joint car cover with your spouse. This is because when your spouse’s driver license is under suspension, keeping the name of your spouse on one policy will affect the insurance rates in a big way. In fact, most insurers will charge substantially high premium.

Yes, the driver’s license will still be considered although it has been suspended but it is subject to some specific conditions. You, as a driver, must satisfy certain legal requirements to get your driver’s license reinstated. But the process for reinstatement of suspended driver’s is a complex one and so, you may have to hire the services of a knowledgeable and experienced local attorney who is well versed with the exact type of paperwork that is required to be prepared and furnished to the DMV.

Your driver’s can be suspended for a number of reasons that include DUI/DWI conviction, conviction for indulging in reckless driving practices on road, multiple accidents or traffic tickets on your driving record or even a gap in your car coverage. If you aren’t aware about your driver’s license suspension, you can check the status of your driving report with the state’s DMV.

The General Insurance and GEICO are two leading companies that are known for providing the best auto insurance coverage to drivers which are considered to be high risk propositions among drivers. But as drivers with poor driving records or DUI/DWI convictions are risky propositions to insure, the premiums charged will be substantially high as they are more likely to file claims.

Yes, you can get your driver license suspension reduced if you are a first time offender. When your driver license is suspended for the very first time in your life then you have the chance to get license suspension period reduced from 120 days to 60 days. Talk to an expert to know more!

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