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Weekly Car Insurance In USA

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Normally, car insurance coverage could be available to drivers for a time period of 6 months or 12 months. But these days you can even find companies which provide weekly auto insurance covers. Such types of policies can be renewed for up to 6 months and they allow drivers to drive cars legally on road regardless of whether they own them or not. The concept of providing car insurance for a week is relatively new and the coverage is specifically designed to cater to the needs of drivers that drive cars occasionally by borrowing them from friends/relatives or on rent.

So, if you are planning to go out for a vacation with your friends or family members with a borrowed or rented car for a week’s time then you can think of buying auto insurance for 7 days. But it might not be that easy to find companies which provide vehicle insurance coverage for a week. Besides, not all states allow drivers to get such very short term car covers and that is where the need to seek help from experts arises. With specialist assistance online, you may get enabled if you can get auto insurance coverage for 7 days.

However, just like in case of other alternative car insurance options, there are several factors that go into determining overall affordability of weekly vehicle insurance premiums. You can fix consultation with a local expert for free to find out how much you may be required to spend for driving a vehicle which is borrowed or rented. Remember, it is important that you make sure that the coverage that you are buying is adequate to protect your finances comprehensively against any type of eventuality involving an owned, borrowed or rental car. To get the cheapest weekly car coverage quote online, act now!

Why Buying A Low Cost One Week Car Insurance Can Be A Very Good Idea?

There are certain situations wherein buying auto insurance for a week might prove to be extremely useful. Usually, drivers prefer purchasing weekly car insurance covers for the below mentioned reasons.

  • To meet state’s legal requirements – With the exception of New Hampshire every other state has different car insurance requirements and resident drivers are required to carry basic or minimum coverage for third party bodily injuries and property damages liability coverage for driving vehicles legally on road. Failure to comply with law can attract huge penalties, if caught by a traffic inspector. Besides, if you drive uninsured and if the vehicle meets with an accident then you may have to bear the overall costs of medical treatments for bodily injuries treatment caused to other persons or damages caused to property.
  • To avoid a lapse in vehicle coverage – In case, your existing auto insurance policy is up for renewal but you are unable to renew it due to facing paucity of cash then the coverage might lapse. In such a situation, a weekly car insurance cover can come to your rescue as it will give some time to think of other short term alternatives. The proposition will be much cheaper. Remember, if there is a lapse in your car coverage for time period of more than 30 days then you will find it very difficult to obtain cheap vehicle coverage in future even for a state prescribed basic liability plan.
  • Borrowing or renting a non-owned car – Regular or running car insurance policies are unlikely to cover unlisted drivers be it car owner’s policy or company’s fleet policy. So, before you borrow a car form someone or get one on rent for few days, it is always desirable to buy cheap weekly vehicle insurance to protect your finances from any kind of unfortunate eventuality involving the borrowed or rented car.

Why Should You Get Car Insurance For A Week? Just Find Out Online Now

Explore Your Main Reasons To Buy A Cheap One Week Car Insurance Cover

There are multiple uses of buying a low cost 1 week insurance cover for cars as mentioned below.

  • You want to go outstation for some business related work or for enjoying vacation with friends or family members for a week’s time. If your journey is long then you may need an extra driver who will share burden of driving car while you sleep. To cover the additional driver, buying a cheap week’s vehicle insurance cover might make sense.
  • Your personal car is in garage for some urgent repair work and you may have to borrow or hire another car for a week’s time to solve your day to day transportation problems. In such type of circumstances, it could be better if you buy temporary auto insurance for a time period of 7 days. The borrowed or leased car’s existing policy may not cover you as you will be an unlisted driver.
  • You are expecting your teen from university or college for a short stay at home and he/she is going to drive your car. Again, a short term or temporary weekly auto insurance cover might be of help.
  • You are planning to go to another country for a week and you will need to hire a car on lease there for travelling purposes.
  • You are planning to visit your family members and will be driving their car for about 6 to 7 days. It is desirable to get it insured first before driving.
  • Your regular or personal driver is ill and you need another driver for driving your vehicle to take you to different destinations in the city.
  • A week’s auto insurance policy can also serve as a bridge between your current yearly policy that is approaching its renewal date and beginning of another policy for preventing a overage lapse.

Similarities Between Cheap 1 Week Car Insurance And Traditional Insurance

Car insurance for one week only could be very much similar to a traditional auto insurance cover. There may be several similarities between the two and you might have multiple options to choose from as well. The only difference is that the coverage will be applicable for just 7 days. But you can have liability insurance for bodily injuries, property damages as well as comprehensive and collision coverage features. Other coverage options like Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medical Payments and Uninsured/Underinsured motorist insurance can also be added to the policy to secure complete financial protection for the borrowed or leased car.

You can purchase a short term or temporary car coverage for as less as 7 days by exploring various alternatives provided by different insurers in your state. When you shop and compare multiple free quotes, you may have detailed idea of the coverage extent, limits and pricing offered by top rated auto insurance providers. Comparison of several quote estimates enables you to find the best and the cheapest quote for your specific driving needs and budget. But the task can be exhaustive, strenuous as well as complicated and so, it is desirable to seek help from knowledgeable and experienced specialists.

Companies that offer one week insurance policy quotes will check your driving record for calculating premium. As a result, you need to make sure that there are no serious traffic violations or DUI/DWI offenses on your driver’s license. Insurers specifically look to verify whether a driver was involved in an accident which resulted in third person’s property damages. In the worst scenario, you may be denied coverage or if assessment of coverage risk is substantially high, insurers might charge high premium to compensate for likely financial losses which may result by providing coverage. Talk to an expert to know more.

When Should You Buy Weekly Car Insurance?

  • Borrowing or renting a vehicle for 7 days
  • Driving a non-owned car due to an emergency
  • Your personal car is in garage for urgent repairs
  • You are expecting our teen back home from college for a week’s time and he/she will be driving your car
  • Shifting to a new place of residence and want to shift your belongings with a hired or borrowed car.
  • You want to go on a holiday or vacation with your family members or friends for a week.
  • Intend to take test drives of new cars or want to drive newly purchased car from dealership to your house.
  • Your friend or relative is going to drive your car for a week’s time for some work.

Here Are 5 Important FAQs

Can I buy weekly car insurance if I am going to borrow or rent a car for two or more weeks?

Yes, you can purchase one week vehicle insurance policy even if you need to drive borrowed or rented vehicle for two or more weeks. Weekly car covers are flexible and you can renew your car policy for another week up to 3 weeks time. Nevertheless, if you need borrowed or leased vehicle for 4 weeks, you can also think of buying cheap one month auto insurance.

Will my name appear in the Motor Insurance Database (MID) if I have one week auto insurance?

The Motor Insurance Database or MID is a national database for all vehicles that are insured in each state. Authorities as well as car insurance companies make use of information stored in MID to know whether a vehicle is insured. When you buy one week car insurance cover, your details will be sent to the MID by your insurer. The information sharing can be instant or may even take time and at times, it might reach MID after the coverage ends. Thus, your name will be in the MID list of drivers but if it is not then you must make sure that you are carrying one week auto insurance certificate, which is issued by insurer, while driving.

What to do if I need car insurance for more than a week?

Coverage for car under weekly car insurance policy could be in effect for 7 days. You can renew it for second and third week but if you need coverage for the fourth week as well and you are able to assess about the exact duration for which you will be borrowing a renting a car in advance then buying monthly auto insurance will be a better idea. In fact, such a proposition may be cheaper than a daily or weekly vehicle insurance cover. It could be better if you consult an expert to decide which option is right for you. Specialist consultation might enable you to make an informed decision on your purchase.


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