Finding The Best Car Insurance For Unemployed

Finding low cost car insurance for unemployed drivers could be a highly challenging task. Joblessness can add up to your financial woes as living expenses, housing loans or rent and transportation costs become hard to manage. And buying auto insurance could be an additional strain on your finances. But when you own a car, it is mandatory for you to buy valid insurance coverage for driving it legally on road.

Therefore, even if you are currently jobless or retired, you will have to purchase vehicle insurance despite your not having sufficient financial resources. Today, it is possible to find companies that are willing to work with drivers who are unemployed for whatsoever reasons or having bad credit coupled with poor driving records. can assist you in locating the best insurers in business in few minutes of your applying online!

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Few Important Guidelines To Secure Cheap Car Insurance For Unemployed

To keep your unemployed car insurance rates low, you may take the following aspects into account before researching your options.

  • Compare multiple quotes - By comparing several free auto insurance quotes offered by different insurers, you can save some precious dollars. But the task can be exhaustive and so, to reduce the rigors of the process, it could be better if you seek help from a local specialist who is well versed with the exact requirements to compare car insurance for the unemployed drivers.
  • Pay premium in lump sum - If you pay entire annual car insurance premium amount upfront, you may get a discount on premium from your insurer. On the other hand, the option to pay premium monthly will require you to pay more for your car as insurer will add interests and fees to premium instalments.
  • Buy basic liability coverage - To reduce costs on car insurance while unemployed, you can consider buying minimum liability coverage as is prescribed by your state’s driving and insurance rules. Such a move may also help you in staying away from purchasing unnecessary coverage features like roadside assistance. You may not even have to select high deductible for lowering premium.
  • Drive and old used vehicle - By driving an old used car that has a less powerful engine, you will not be required to spend large amount of money for getting it insured. Used cars are much cheaper than new cars or vehicles with powerful engines like luxury sedans or SUVs. Besides, for saving some extra dollars, you can also drop collision and comprehensive coverage features that are highly expensive.
  • Increase safety of your car - If you park your park your vehicle in a proper garage at your home or in a roadside parking, insurance premium can decrease. In addition, a vehicle with an array of safety features such as side airbags, anti-theft alarm, anti-lock braking system, etc. can qualify for a special auto insurance discount from most insurers.
  • Get multi-policy discounts - if you insure two or more vehicles in your household with the same insurer, you may get an additional premium discount. If you also buy car, life and home or renter’s insurance from the same company, you might end up saving more money on premiums than it would be to them insured with different insurance companies.
  • Own less number of vehicles - The more the number of household cars, the more will be the amount of money you will have to speed on insuring them. And when financial situations are become tough, it makes sense to own less number of vehicles. Such a proposition can invariably help in saving money on getting them insured. So, think about it and own fewer vehicles.

Her Are 4 Simple Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance Quote Unemployed

Although it is going to be difficult to find a company which provides car insurance when unemployed at a premium you can afford, there could be few ways to bring premium levels down. Here is some important information pertaining to the same that you might find useful during your effort.


Consider buying Telematics or “Black Box” coverage which is cheaper than regular policies. You just need to indicate to insurers that you will drive fewer miles annually and they will install a black box type device in your vehicle to monitor exactly how many miles you driven.


If you are a college or high school student, you can get your name added on your parent’s auto insurance policy as a secondary driver. This way you don’t buy separate coverage for driving car while at home.


Cars that are used for business related work are charged higher premiums as potential coverage risks for insurers increases. So, make sure that you do not use your vehicle for transporting food or courier items.


With a monthly auto insurance cover, the premium amount will be low and easily sustainable. Besides, you also have the chance to switch over to a new insurer anytime if you are dissatisfied with the policy contents. You only have to ensure that there is continuity of coverage by paying premium regularly.

Know Why It Is So Difficult To Find Cheap Car Insurance Unemployed Drivers

Companies tend to charge more for on auto insurance for unemployed persons as they tag them to be “high risk” meaning that their probability of filing claims is higher. Such a perception is due to number of reasons as under.

  • Unemployed individuals are likely to drive cars more often than others as they are in search of a job or business. Hence, their likelihood of meeting with accidents is high.
  • Since, you are at present unemployed; you will be driving your vehicle on roads with which you are not very familiar with. This greatly increases probability of meeting an accident.
  • There could be many distractions that unemployed drivers face while driving car because of constant financial worries and desperateness to get job. If you are not careful on road, even a slight mistake while driving can cause an accident or collision. Insurers take that into consideration and accordingly, calculate premium.
  • Most of the drivers that are jobless may also have bad credit but still you will at least need to buy temporary car insurance for unemployed. Credit is an important factor which may impact overall affordability of premium. And things can be further complicated if you have bad driving record. All such things contribute to overall risks of providing car coverage to unemployed drivers.
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4 Vital Tips to Obtain Cheap Car Insurance Unemployed Or Retired Coverage
  • It could be easier to bring down car insurance costs if you drive an old used car instead of a SUV, sedan or new car. Older vehicles are cheaper and you can even drop expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features.
  • If your existing auto insurance policy is up for renewal, you can certainly look to some other proposals that may be cheaper and guarantee similar type of coverage and protection.
  • Make sure that you are driving a car with numerous safety features like anti-theft alarm, side air bags, anti-lock braking system, etc. Also by parking your car in garage when not in use will help you to qualify for a special discount on your premium.
  • In case, your previous driving history is clean then you may have accumulated no claims bonus points. Majority of the insurers may offer up to 75% premium discount if you have not filed any claim during the past five years.

No, premium paid for auto insurance coverage by a jobless driver isn’t tax-deductible. But for some categories of self-employed drivers like army reservists or performing artists, car insurance premium may be deductible provided they qualify. In any case, it is always desirable to consult a certified and experienced auto insurance agent to determine whether your vehicle’s premium qualifies for tax deduction. can assist you to fix free consultation with a competent local agent online so as to enable you to make an informed decision on your car insurance purchase. .

Yes, it is possible to obtain cheaper auto insurance cover even if you are currently jobless. You can buy basic or minimum liability coverage for your car and check your eligibility to receive discounts on premium which insurers normally offer to qualified drivers. Besides, to reduce your premium, you can also consider driving a used car and choose a higher deductible. And if you are driving a vehicle that is more than 10 years old, you can always drop comprehensive and collision coverage features which are expensive.

To get the best as well as the cheapest free quotes from top rated car insurance providers, you will need help. You can take advantage of our specialist online services to get the best cheap free quote estimates from highly reliable and reputed national auto insurance carriers within a span of just few minutes. Alternatively, we may even enable to get connected to an expert local independent agent who will be knowledgeable to guide you in following the correct course of action and save money too.

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