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A multi vehicle insurance coverage is a policy that provides financial protection to two or more cars owned by a household. To get such type of a car cover, the residential address of owner(s) must be the same. Buyers of such policies could be entitled to secure big discount on premium and that helps in saving hundreds of precious dollars. Besides, there may be several ways to save additional money on premium. But before you explore your options, it is vital that you know how such type of coverage works. can assist you to get and compare multi car insurance quotes online that are affordable and sustainable. Our experts may also enable you to understand the manner in which such policies work so that you can end up making an informed decision on your purchase. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online for securing a solution that easily fits your household driving needs as well as budget. Act today to save lot of time, energy and money during your effort. To get started with your task, apply now!

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Know The Manner In Which Multi Car Policy Insurance Quotes Actually Work

  • A multi car insurance policy works in a similar way as an auto insurance cover for a single car. At the time of filing out a quotes request form, you will be required to furnish details of each car that is to be insured along with personal information of drivers who are to be listed on the coverage. So, you must give names of primary and secondary drivers that are to be covered for every vehicle. Your car insurance company will automatically apply multi-car premium discount to the insurance policy. But there may be difference in terms of coverage applicability.
  • While some common coverage features may be shared by all drivers listed on the policy, few others might be applicable to only one particular car. In addition, you can note that comprehensive as well as collision coverage could be set in a different manner for each car which is covered under such type of a policy. Such a proposition ensures that all listed drivers are adequately protected without paying any extra money should one or more cars from your household fleet meet with an accident. But you need to make sure that drivers driving the cars are listed on policy.

Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes To Reap An Array Of Important Benefits

Apart from getting a special premium discount on your multi auto insurance quote, there could be few other advantages of buying which you may accrue by buying multi car cover. To that effect, here is some important information that might be of great help in deciding as to why multiple car owners should be purchasing such type of policies for insuring their household car fleet.


It is possible to save extra money by qualifying for various other premium discounts such as good driver discount, good student discount, concession for driving a safer vehicle and no claims bonus discount. The discount for insuring multiple cars in household fleet is applicable to every car but it won’t increase if you keep adding cars to the policy. In addition, there might be restrictions regarding the number of vehicles which can be insured, only five cars can be added to such kind of a policy.


A single insurance deductible will apply to all the vehicles which are insured under the multi-car policy. It implies that even if two or more cars get damaged during an accident because of a fire, storm or falling tree, you will have to bear cost of only one deductible amount for settling a claim. But it is to be noted that the cars must be damaged in the same accident. Deductibles can lower car insurance premiums drastically and this way you have the chance to save more money. You must only ensure that you are choosing the right deductible amount.


You have the option to stack coverage for bodily injuries caused to uninsured motorist (UM) or under insured motorist (UIM) if your state allows it. But as more vehicles are insured under the policy, the coverage levels will add up and so will the cost.


You will only have to manage one single policy with the same insurer. Hence, the renewal date for insurance of all cars will be the same. You will just need to make sure that the premium is paid on time.

Determine Your Eligibility To Get The Best Multi Car Insurance Quotes Online

The basic eligibility requirements for getting multiple car insurance quotes at once are simple. First and foremost, you must own two or more cars in your household to be insured. Besides, you need to adhere to the following conditions.

  • The title of all the vehicles must have the same residential address or else some insurers might not provide discount. And it doesn’t matter even if the drivers that are to be listed on the policy are not related to each other in any way.
  • There may be some limitations regarding the number of cars which can be insured under a multi-car vehicle insurance cover. Usually, most insurers may insure only 4 to 5 cars.
  • To add new cars to such type of a policy, it is vital that you need to give the below mentioned info to your insurer.
    1. Type, make and model of car
    2. Vehicle Information Number (VIN)
    3. Odometer readings on each vehicle
    4. Drivers’ name, address and date of birth
    5. Every listed driver’s valid license number

    You might be eligible to receive premium discount midway through the policy if you add new car on it. Alternatively, if you cancel coverage for a vehicle, such discount will discontinue.

  • Driver details may be sought for each car with regards to every listed driver’s age, gender, driving record and also credit history.

We can help you to know more about determining your qualification for securing a low cost multi vehicle auto insurance quote. Just fix a free consultation with our competent professional!

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Learn How To Get A Discounted Multi Car Insurance Quote And Save Money

As mentioned earlier, your decision to buy the best multi car insurance policy may prove to be highly advantageous. By getting multiple household cars insured with one insurer, you will be eligible to get a big discount on your premium. Nevertheless, if you have 5 or more vehicles in your household, you should be looking for a fleet insurance cover rather than focus on multi-car auto insurance discount. Such a move might be more beneficial as it will enable you to save some extra dollars. Additionally, shopping could help you in saving even more. It can be understood as follows.

  • Multi-car insurance discount - This discount is applicable for the entire household car fleet regardless of whatever number of vehicles you keep on adding on the policy. While each car that is insured will have personal liability and property damage (PLPD) coverage features separately, the actual cost of insurance will vary if comprehensive and collision coverage features are also purchased. The discount doesn’t compound on addition of new cars but if one or more cars in your household are in storage, the discount will not apply to comprehensive-collision features for the stored car(s). Talk to an expert to know more!
  • Multi-policy premium discount - If you buy cheap multi car insurance and homeowner’s insurance covers from the same insurer then you can get a multi-policy discount. In case, every household car driven by household members, whose residential address is essentially the same, is separately insured with the same insurer then you might have to inquire with your agent whether you are eligible to get multi-car discount as well. This can be a very good way to reduce overall cost of insuring your home and cars especially when you have teen drivers. But discount can be applied only if all drivers reside in the same house.
  • On other multi-vehicles discount - When several household motorbikes are insured with the one insurer then buyer can accrue a multi-vehicle discount that guarantees reduction in premium. Even boats and RVs may qualify for such type of a discount although such an occurrence is rare.
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