Getting Car Insurance For The First Time - Here’s Why Help Will Be Crucial

It is important for young and new drivers to have some basic understanding of the driving rules and regulations mandated by law before taking to the roads. And to that effect, the most crucial aspect is having valid car insurance. Every state has specific set minimum liability coverage requirements and you, as a first time driver, need to make sure what your state prescribes. Although the cost of auto insurance for first time drivers is going to be much higher than that for experienced drivers, buying car coverage is mandatory.

Cheap auto insurance for first time drivers may be hard to find but it is possible to save money on premium during your overall effort to secure a solution that is easy to manage as well as sustain all along the term of the vehicle coverage. The best way to go about the task is to consult a local expert that has knowledge of the subject and can guide you in navigating through the shopping process with ease. We may assist you in making your journey easier, smoother and stress-free.

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The Best Car Insurance For First Time Buyers - Benefits Of Staying On Parent’s Policy

If you are still a teen or young driver then it could be worthwhile for you to explore the possibility of getting your name added on your parent’s existing car insurance policy. Such a proposition could be much better than trying to find the best auto insurance for first time drivers. You may not have to buy separate coverage for your car and thus, lot of money will be saved. In addition, you can accrue three major benefits if your parents agree to get you listed on their current auto insurance coverage. Here is some vital information relating to the same.

  • 1. Proof for prior car insurance - Affordable full coverage auto insurance for first time drivers could be easier to get as companies know that you were insured previously on parent’s policy and have a driving history. Uninsured drivers are considered “high risk” drivers in comparison to drivers that have some driving experience. And risky drivers could be charged much higher premiums than experienced ones. Thus, being on your parent’s car coverage ensures that you qualify for a low sustainable premium since you have some auto insurance record to support your case. This way you have the chance to save money.
  • 2. Obtain extra premium discounts - Primary drivers listed on car insurance policies may be entitled to receive special discounts on premiums. And if you have been listed on your parent’s car coverage then you too may have the opportunity to benefit with such concessions. For example, you might not own a home but your parents do and so, they can bundle home and auto insurance to get an extra premium discount. Hence, you can stay on the parent’s policy while they secure bundle discounts and save additional money. No need to purchase separate car insurance despite being first time driver.
  • 2. No need to pay down payment - To provide affordable car insurance for first time drivers, insurers may ask you to pay a small down payment. But when you get your name added on your parent’s car cover, they might not have to pay any extra money until the next billing cycle.

4 Vital Guidelines To Get Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers Online

Many first time drivers might not prefer staying on their parents’ car insurance policies. Instead they may think of purchasing separate and good car insurance for first time drivers. If you are a first time driver that is considering buying a personalized auto insurance cover then you need to know that the expenses could be huge and there are justifiable reasons for that. Insurers perceive much greater degree of risks for providing vehicle coverage to first time drivers regardless of their age and gender. Besides, there are some other factors such as first time driver’s credit score, marital status as well as the type, make and model of car that he/she is going to drive which play vital roles in determination of car insurance premium.

However, there could be ways to ensure that you get cheap auto insurance for first time buyers. You only need to follow a proper stepwise approach as is mentioned below.


You can buy minimum liability coverage to keep first time driver’s cost low. But if you are going to drive a vehicle that is still new, it could be worthwhile to consider buying additional liability cover as also collision and comprehensive coverage features.


Insurance policies are legal contracts, which have clauses, that govern the scope of car covers. It is vital that you understand the implications of the terms and conditions of coverage before you sign the dotted line. Such exercise can save you from unnecessary troubles later on should the need for filing claim arise.


The best first time auto insurance quotes must be compared in detail with regards to coverage features, limits and premium pricing. Car coverage risk assessment of first time drivers is based on several parameters and these may vary from company to company.


Marriage, marital separation or planning to have children can lead to changed personal status. All these things must be conveyed to company with which you are working.

3 Useful Tips To Cut Down Costs On Best Car Insurance For First Time Buyers

Getting your name listed on your parent’s existing car insurance policy may not be the only way to save money on first time or new driver’s auto insurance coverage. Should you decide to purchase a separate first time driver’s car cover, here are few important tips which might be useful.

  • Do extensive shopping - To get the best car insurance for first time drivers at a price that you can easily afford, it could be vital for you to shop and compare several free quotes from top rated local insurers. To that effect, it could be much better if you locate companies which specialize in providing car coverage to “high risk” drivers. We can help you in getting free first time drivers’ vehicle insurance proposals from highly reputed local insurers in business online within just a span of few minutes.
  • Pay the premium in full - If you pay the entire annual premium amount in lump sum at one go then insurer might provide you special premium discount. Such a prerogative may also enable you to maintain continuity of car coverage throughout the entire year.
  • Look for better proposals - Once you have locked into an annual car insurance rate & maintained continuous coverage for a period of 6 months, you can start looking for what insurers have got to offer. If you find a better proposal, you can think of switching over to a new auto insurance provider midway through the policy and get premium refund from existing insurer.
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Learn How To Get & Compare Cheap First Time Car Insurance Quotes Online

For securing the best first time car insurance quotes online, it could be vital for you to know what companies want to approve your application. You can talk to a competent local agent or broker service to learn about the essential documentation that needs to be readied and submitted along with your request. Insurers will require the following set of documents to process your request.

  • 1. Driver's license
  • 2. Date of Birth
  • 3. Residential address
  • 4. Your occupation
  • 5. Current marital status
  • 7. Past driving record
  • 8. Insurance history

So, keep the necessary paperwork ready before you apply for free proposals online. .

You might be facing a tough time while shopping and comparing free quotes as the process can be exhaustive if you decide to go about it on your own. However, with an expert’s guidance, you could instantly do away with the rigors of the task. Our specialist services online are aimed at making your shopping process simpler, easier and hassle-free. Take advantage of our help to get started with the task of locating the best as well as the cheapest quote now!

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