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Typically, sports cars are much smaller and weigh much lesser than luxury sedans. They are usually used for racing and can often have two seats with soft backs. All sports vehicles are exotic cars and these cannot be rigidly defined. The term “exotic” implies having distinct features that are not found in normal vehicles. Few people drive such exclusive cars and so their numbers are limited. Besides, it is possible to get sports cars customized to drivers’ specific driving needs and requirements. It’s not that only racers own such cars. can enable you to find the best and cheapest sports or exotic auto insurance quotes online through a simple, easy and absolutely hassle-free process. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online for securing a solution that easily fits your unique driving requirements and budget. To get started with your task of getting and comparing top quality exotic vehicle insurance quotes, all you need to do is just enter your state’s zip code and complete a quick online quotes request form. Leave the rest to our team of experts!

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Here’s Why You Need To Buy Exotic Car Insurance Coverage With Help Online

Regardless of whether your vehicle is exotic or not, it is mandatory for drivers by law to carry valid insurance coverage for driving it legally on road. To that effect, before you are out for researching various options for exotic cars insurance, it is important for you to take the following aspects into consideration as these can influence insurance costs.

  • If you are going to drive your sports/exotic vehicle regularly then the probability of filing a claim will be higher. Alternatively, if you are not going to drive your sports car very often, the coverage risks will be much lesser.
  • You may have a clean driving slate but when on road, there is always a likelihood of your sports car ramming into another vehicle that is driven by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. This is despite the fact that you aren’t at-fault. This increases overall coverage risks for your insurer.
  • Sports/exotic cars are expensive and even if you park them in a proper garage at your home, there is a possibility of theft, vandalism or fire. These can result in huge financial losses and insurers take such things into account when they calculate car insurance premium rates for individual drivers.

Know Why It Is So Expensive To Obtain The Best Car Insurance For Exotic Cars

Top rated exotic car insurance companies consider the following factors for assessing risks involved in providing coverage for luxury cars.


The probability of an exotic car or belongings in it being stolen are higher than any other category of cars. This increases coverage risks for insurers and so, premiums charged will be high.


If a luxury car gets damaged due to whatever reasons and some of its parts or components need to be replaced, the costs could be huge for insurer. To compensate for such risk, companies charge substantially higher premium.


Since, exotic or luxury cars have high engines with much greater horsepower; they can run at very high speeds. As a result, their chances of meeting with an accident on road are also very high.


Although newer exotic car models have advanced safety features, it may not be the case with older models. Most of the insurers take into account this factor at the time of calculating premium.

Why Is It Difficult To Locate The Cheapest Exotic Car Insurance Policy Quote?

Sports/exotic cars are expensive and hence, they require more money to insure as compared to ordinary vehicles. To know why the premium rates are high, you must have some understanding of the below mentioned factors.

  • Parts and components of all sports vehicles are highly expensive to replace when such cars meet with an accident.
  • If replacement of parts is required, original parts may have to be imported from other countries where they are manufactured. It is needless to say that all exotic cars guarantee good performance only when parts and components are genuine. Costs for replacing parts is high as they have to be shipped from overseas to your location.
  • Special set of tools are required for repairing these cars and this adds to exotic car insurance cost. Additionally, such cars need to be repaired at certified workshops that have well trained technicians who are masters at their job. Consequently, the costs of repair or parts replacement could be much higher than those charged at average car body shops. And qualified technicians might not be easily available in your neighbourhood meaning thereby that you may have to find them in some other nearby city. Furthermore, if your sports car is not in running condition, you may have to get it towed and pay towing charges.
  • Prices of economy vehicles depreciate quickly but that is not the case with sports/exotic vehicles. Their price depreciation is slow as they are all high-end vehicles. If they get damaged or totaled in an accident, insurers will have to pay a huge price.
  • When sports cars are driven by young or teen drivers, who have less driving experience, there is greater probability of their meeting with an accident because of tendency to get indulged in reckless driving practices.
  • Possibility of theft is higher in sports cars.
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Important Terms And Terminologies That Apply To Best Exotic Car Insurance

To know how much is exotic car insurance cost and the manner in which various insurers reimburse expenses towards damages, it could be vital for you to have some understanding of the 3 different aspects associated with luxury auto insurance coverage. Here is some crucial information pertaining to the same.

  • Agreed value of exotic car - Insurer and vehicle owner will determine price of the luxury or exotic car. Insurance company will pay this agreed value in the event of the car getting damaged or totaled post an unforeseen accident. Even damages resulting from a car theft will be covered.
  • Actual cash value of the car - The term “actual cash value” refers to the amount of money that the insurer owes to the owner driver of insured exotic vehicle resulting from car theft, damages or total loss. Such value is arrived at by determining existing market value of the car minus the depreciation costs.
  • Replacement cost of the car - If luxury cars, which are less than 3 years old, get stolen or totaled in an accident, policyholder will be entitled to get costs for replacement with new car. In such cases, the lost vehicle’s depreciation value doesn’t apply.
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