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Does A Speeding Ticket Affect Your Insurance?
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If you get a speeding ticket or break a driving rule, your car insurance cost might go up at companies like Progressive. But if it’s your first time getting in trouble, it might not make your insurance more expensive. It all depends on the rules in your state and how your insurance company deals with it. Getting a ticket for parking in the wrong spot usually doesn’t make your insurance cost more, but it can be different depending on where you live and which insurance company you have.

Do other moving violations affect my insurance?

When insurance companies decide how much to charge for car insurance, they really care about your age. If you’re younger, they might charge more because you haven’t been driving for long.

People under 25 usually have to pay the most for car insurance. And it goes up again after you turn 60.

Some companies, like Travelers, State Farm, Geico, and USAA, have cheaper rates for both teens and older drivers.

Oh, and your gender matters too. On average, guys pay about 6% more for full coverage car insurance than girls. It’s just one of those things insurance companies look at.

Average car insurance rates by age

If you do something wrong while driving, like speeding or breaking a traffic rule, it can make your car insurance cost more. It depends on the rules in your state and how your insurance company handles it. In some states, they give you points on your driving record for every mistake you make, and the number of points can vary. For example, if you speed in Arizona, they might add 3 points to your record.

If you get too many points within a year, like 8 or more, the state might make you go to traffic school or not let you drive for up to a year.

Even though the points themselves don’t directly make your insurance cost more, having a lot of them usually means your insurance will become more expensive because you’ve made a bunch of mistakes while driving.

Minimum vs. full coverage after a speeding ticket

If your car insurance becomes expensive after getting a speeding ticket and you have full coverage, you might think about getting less coverage. Minimum coverage insurance is usually cheaper than full coverage.

Here’s the average cost of insurance per year after a speeding ticket:

  • $2,693 for full coverage.
  • $868 for minimum coverage.

But be careful before you decide to get less coverage. If you switch to a policy that just meets your state’s minimum requirements, you won’t have comprehensive and collision coverage. This means if you cause an accident, your insurance won’t help pay for fixing your car. It might make sense if your car isn’t worth a lot, but if you’re still paying off a car loan or leasing, your lender probably wants you to keep full coverage.

Car insurance rates after a speeding ticket, by company

After you get a speeding ticket, the car insurance company that used to be the cheapest might not be the cheapest anymore.

We looked at different insurance companies, and some of them made their prices way higher for people with a speeding ticket. But others didn’t seem to care much about it. Some smaller, local companies, like Idaho Farm Bureau, Maryland Auto Insurance, and Umialik, didn’t change their rates whether you had a speeding ticket or not.

Out of the big national insurance companies, State Farm increased their prices the least after a speeding ticket – just about $22 more each month. On the other hand, Farmers had the biggest increase among the large insurers.

We didn’t include Liberty Mutual in our study because they didn’t share their rate information.

USAA usually has the cheapest rates, but it’s only for active military, veterans, and their families. We mention their numbers in this article, but we don’t rank them.

Here are the average prices we found for a 35-year-old driver with full coverage insurance after getting one speeding ticket, ranked from the smallest price increase to the largest.

CompanyAverage Annual Rate after a Speeding TicketAnnual Increase compared to a Driver with a Clean Record
State Farm$1,693$262
American Family$1,868$321
*USAA is available only to active military, veterans
and their families.


What to do after you get a speeding ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket, the car insurance company that used to be the cheapest might not be the cheapest anymore.

Getting a speeding ticket could make your insurance cost 20% to 30% more, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay higher prices forever. There are things you can do to bring your insurance cost down and show your insurance company that you’re a safe driver:

  • Drive carefully: Being a safe driver not only is a good habit but also helps lower your insurance cost over time. In some states, speeding tickets are removed from your record after 5 years, but it can vary. Keeping a clean driving record during that time should help lower your rates.
  • Take a defensive driving course: Completing these courses might reduce your insurance cost. Check with your insurance company and state to find authorized instructors.
  • Shop around: Depending on your overall driving record, you might find another insurance company offering a more affordable rate. Take some time to consider the pros and cons before switching insurers.
  • Review discount options: Check with your insurance company to make sure you’re getting all the discounts you qualify for. Bundling your car insurance with renters or homeowners insurance might also help lower your cost.

Keep in mind that if you get several moving violations, like multiple speeding tickets, in a short time, your insurance company might decide to cancel your coverage. In that case, you might have only a few expensive options for car insurance.

What you can do to help reduce premiums after a ticket

After you get a speeding ticket, the car insurance company that used to be the cheapest might not be the cheapest anymore.

If you’ve received a speeding ticket, there are things you can do to try to lower the cost of your car insurance:

  • Focus on safe driving: Drive carefully! According to the III (Insurance Information Institute), having a good driving record can lower your insurance cost. Even if you’ve had one speeding ticket, avoiding more can help keep your insurance costs down.
  • Consider changing your coverage: If your insurance costs have gone up, you might be able to reduce them by changing your coverage. Your insurance agent can give you more information to help you decide what’s best for you.
  • Take a safe driving course: In some states, you might be able to lower your premium by taking a defensive driving or accident prevention class. For example, in New York, completing a state-approved accident prevention course can get you a discount on auto insurance.
  • Check for age exemptions: Some insurers might not raise premiums after a speeding ticket if the driver is over 25 and hasn’t had a similar violation in the last three years. So, if you’ve gotten a ticket, focus on driving safely to avoid another moving violation.

Remember, speeding tickets can affect your car insurance cost. Insurers check driving records, and if you have speeding tickets, they might see you as a higher insurance risk, which can increase your premiums. To enjoy more affordable premiums, drive carefully, be responsible, and stay safe on the roads.

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