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If you are in search of affordable auto insurance for disabled drivers then you are at the right place. We can help you in locating top rated companies online that offer hugely discounted car insurance packages to physically handicapped drivers that include normal citizens and veterans. You can apply for free quotes if you are:

  • An amputee or paraplegic
  • Suffering from cerebral palsy
  • A patient of epilepsy
  • Deaf and dumb
  • Having neurological conditions/mental illness
  • Already suffered from a stroke or currently in wheelchair

Just because you have some sort of physical disability, it doesn’t mean that you are likely to meet with an accident while driving a car. However, some peculiar medical conditions do require driving certifications from competent medical authorities.

If you are disabled or having some serious pre-existing medical condition then you can consult your doctor to know whether your physical disability will affect your chances of driving a vehicle. Such a move will enable you in ensuring safety of other drivers as well as pedestrians on road when driving your car. It will also help you in identifying potential coverage risks which impact premiums charged by insurers.

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What Types Of Coverage To Look For In Your Disabled Car Insurance Quotes?

A standard car insurance for people on disability normally includes the below mentioned coverage features.

  • Personal liability cover - Pays costs for medical treatments of bodily injuries caused to other persons or drivers due to accident involving the insured vehicle.
  • Comprehensive and collision covers - Pay expenses for damages caused to insured car as a result of an accident or because of some falling objects due to bad weather conditions or animal hit to car.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments (MedPay) cover - Pay treatment costs for driver of insured car and fellow passengers inside the vehicle at the time of an accident.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist covers - Pay expenses for medical treatments of bodily injuries and car damages suffered by uninsured and underinsured motorists in an accident involving the insured car.

These are few basic types of car coverage features that every auto insurance policy offers. However, if you are a disabled driver, it could be better if you buy certain additional coverage features as under:

  • Roadside assistance coverage - Provides reimbursement of towing charges for pick-up vehicles if insured car breaks down on the roadside or meets with an accident.
  • . Adaption/Special equipment coverage - Offers reimbursement of expenses for replaced or custom parts like special mirrors, walker or wheelchair ramps of insured car. You will have to make sure that all these things are covered under your auto insurance policy.
  • Mobility vehicle insurance coverage - This feature will pay costs for hiring rental car on temporary basis if your vehicle needs urgent repair or maintenance services post breakdown or accident.

How Exactly Does A Disabled Car Insurance Policy Differ From Normal Cover?

Like normal car insurance policies, it is possible to get auto insurance discounts for disabled veterans and save money. But there could be some differences between the two as follows.


Need of walker or wheelchair might not affect your ability to drive car but poor eyesight can. Accordingly, auto insurance rates will vary greatly and in the worst case, you may be eve denied coverage if insurers feel that the risks are too high.


Your state’s DMV may ask you to get medical approval from competent authority certifying that your disability isn’t a hindrance in driving car.


Driving a vehicle with disability means you will need extra protection. Roadside assistance, medical payments, adaptive modifications and added equipment coverage features are some examples which you must purchase.


Drivers that suffer from epilepsy or severe diabetes are likely to faint while driving car and so, pose bigger risks to insurers. Consequently, if you are having such symptoms, you can expect the premium charged to be much higher than that offered to normal drivers without any disabilities.

Learn How To Get A Car Insurance Discount For Handicapped Driver Package

For finding the best cheap auto insurance for disabled veterans or civilians, it is vital that you shop and compare free quotes offered by several top rated insurers. To provide low cost proposals, most of the companies will assess overall car coverage risks involved in extending financial protection to you.

Nevertheless, there could be few things which you may consider for enhancing your probability of locating an adequate and cheap disabled driver’s auto insurance policy. Here is some important information pertaining to the same that you may find useful during your effort to secure a solution that fits your budget.

  • Inquire about premium discounts - Companies may offer auto insurance discounts for disabled drivers. You can ask whether you are eligible to receive such concessions that go a long way in reducing premium. Good driver discount, discount for driving safer car and low mileage discount might be extended by insurers.
  • Opt for buying a usage based policy - If you buy a telematics or usage based car insurance cover then you can obtain a special premium discount. Insurer will install a “black box” type device for monitoring actual number of miles driven once you indicate in your application that you will be driving less number of miles throughout the year.
  • Be an excluded driver on the car policy - In case, you own a car but aren’t going to drive it yourself then you can stay as an excluded driver on the policy. You can nominate someone else’s name as the primary driver provided he/she has a valid driver’s license.
Explore Your Options For Buying A Cheap Disability Car Insurance Cover Now

As a driver with disability, you may have few options to choose from as under:

  • Third party auto insurance - Provides financial protection to you when your car meets with an accident and causes damages to other persons’ car(s) or property. But it doesn’t protect you or your car for damages that are likely to be suffered because of accident.
  • Third party, fire and theft - Offers financial protection to your car if it gets damaged due to fire, riots or vandalism or gets stolen.
  • Full or comprehensive cover - A full or comprehensive coverage policy will cover all the above events and might even grant total financial protection to your car for any damages during the entire term of coverage. Usually, this is considered to be the best as well as the cheapest alternative for drivers with disabilities.
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List Of Some Extras That Can Be Added On Car Insurance For Disabled Person

There could be number of extras that disabled drivers can add to their car insurance policies so as to ensure complete protection to their finances. These may include the following:

  • Legal costs - Get paid for legal fees which you might have to bear in the aftermath of an accident for settling a claim.
  • Breakdown - Covers costs for towing charges if your vehicle breaks down on the roadside and needs to be towed to nearby garage.
  • Rental vehicle - Pays costs for hiring car on rent from a rental company or getting a replacement car for short term time period if your car needs repair or replacement of parts in some nearby garage post breakdown.
  • Driving abroad - You can even insure your vehicle if you are planning to take it abroad provided you have the necessary permission to drive it in the country that you are thinking of visiting.
  • Personal accident - Coverage of this type will pay costs for treatment of bodily injuries caused to you or your family members in the event of death. The payout could depend on extent and type of injuries that you suffered.
  • Lost car keys cover - Pays costs for replacement of car keys if they are lost for whatsoever reasons.
  • Wrong fuel coverage - Pays costs for repair in case car engine gets damaged because of using undesirable fuel.
  • Other accessories cover - Pays costs for repair/replacement of all insurable accessories in car.
  • Other car modifications - Provides financial protection for modifications like engine upgrades, paintwork, body parts, etc.
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