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Looking To Buy The Cheapest Car Insurance For 16 Year Old? We Can Help!

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Many of you may wonder whether it is really possible to get auto insurance for 16 year old boy or girl but such a proposition could be a reality these days. Nevertheless, the cost of getting your young teen driver insured could be extremely high considering the risks faced by insurers. Younger teen drivers have either less or experience behind the driving wheel and therefore, their probability of meeting with accidents is too high. Insurers take this aspect into consideration along with a host of other factors for calculating premium.

Besides, when you are considering buying auto insurance for 16 year old boy or girl, it is important that you first find out your state’s legal minimum liability coverage requirements. To get adequate financial protection, it is always desirable to purchase additional car coverage features over and above what is prescribed by your state’s law. And you can even inquire if you are eligible to receive any premium discounts as such a move will invariably help in saving money during your effort. Usually, girls will be charged less than boys.

3 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance For 16 Year Old Driver Revealed

There are few alternatives to finding the cheapest auto insurance for 16 year old drivers that can actually save you money. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same which you as a parent may find useful during your effort to get your teen covered for driving car legally.
  • Add teen’s name on your policy – As a parent, if you already have an auto insurance policy then you can add your 16 year olds name on your current coverage as secondary driver. Such a move will not require you to purchase separate policy. But by song so, premium for your current may increase but it will be sustainable.
  • Car sharing can be another option – You can save money on teen’s car insurance premium if you own fewer vehicles than drivers in your household. Some insurers may not permit teen drivers’ names to be added as secondary drivers on your policy. In such a case, it could be desirable for your 16 year old to share a car.
  • Qualify for good student discount – Student drivers with good grades in their academics are perceived to be responsible drivers and are rewarded with a special auto insurance premium discount.

See If You Can Get A Discounted Car Insurance Quote For 16 Year Old Driver

The average cost for 16 year old car insurance coverage offered to boys and girls is around $5,944 for a 6 month term. But it is possible to reduce these costs by qualifying for various discounts on premium as under.

  • Good Student Discount – You can qualify for this discount if your teen is a high school or college student who has consistently maintained a GPA of 3.0 or an average B grade above for the last 3 academic years.
  • Drive Less Miles Annually – If you indicate to insurers that your 16 year old boy or girl is going to drive fewer miles annually then insurers are likely to offer you a telematics auto insurance policy with a special premium discount. But your child’s driving behaviour and habits will come in for a closer scrutiny during the coverage term.
  • Safe Driver Training Course – If you enrol your 16 year old for a defensive driver’s training course, it will help in securing an extra discount on car insurance premium from most of the insurance providers. Additionally, such a proposition also makes your teen a responsible driver when on road.
  • Away From Home Students – If the distance between your teen’s high school or college and your home is over 100 miles, you might be eligible to get a premium discount on auto insurance coverage.
  • Pay Premium In Lump Sum

    If you pay the entire annual premium amount in lump sum at one go, you can obtain additional discount.

Tips To Get The Best Car Insurance For 16 Year Old Male Or Female Driver

Car insurance cost for 16 year old female drivers could be much lower as compared to male drivers but still premiums will be significantly higher in comparison to low risk and experienced drivers. But as a parent you can explore some ways to reduce costs on teen’s auto insurance coverage.

Some of the important methods to save money on premium could be as mentioned below.

  • Driving an old used car – Old used cars are much cheaper than brand new cars or SUVs. As a result, they are less expensive to insure and the probability of qualifying for the lowest auto insurance rates increases drastically.
  • Age can make difference – The average annual car insurance rates offered to 17 year old drivers can be lower than those provided to 16 year olds. Thus, age can play a vital role in determining overall affordability of premium.
  • Get good student discount – As mentioned earlier, if your 16 year old boy or girl has consistently maintained good grades in academics with an average B grade or GPA 3.0 or above, qualification for a good student discount of up to $500 in savings annually could be much easier.
  • Obtain safe driver discount – Young teen drivers that have passed defensive driver’s training course successfully are found to be responsible drivers on road. Statistics reveal that such drivers are less likely to meet with accidents or get traffic tickets.
  • Maintain clean driving record – A spotless driving history which is free of accidents or traffic tickets can help in qualifying for the lowest and best possible auto insurance rates.

Last but not the least, to secure the cheapest car insurance for 16 year old female or male drivers, you need shop extensively and compare free quotes offered by several different top rated local insurers. The task could be challenging, complicated and exhaustive but with our specialist help online; it will be easy and stress-free.

Know Why Car Insurance Coverage For 16 Year Old Drivers Is So Expensive

Studies show that 16 and 17 year old drivers have much higher probability of getting involved in fatal car crashes than any other category of drivers. Insurers use these findings as a basis for assessing the overall risks involved in providing car coverage to a driver and accordingly, calculate premium.

Besides, less information is available on teen drivers and their driving histories to insurers. As a result, majority of them are unable to predict what to expect from 16 and 17 year olds. This leads to charging of significantly high insurance rates for compensating the coverage risks even if driver has a good driving record.

Here Are Important FAQs

Which is the best auto insurance company for 16 year old drivers?

The best 16 year old driver’s car insurance provider is the one that provides adequate coverage at the right price, has excellent client ratings and extends premium discounts which help in keeping the overall auto insurance costs in the affordable range. 16 year old drivers have no driving experience and so, they are more likely to meet with accidents or get involved in collisions. As a result, majority of the insurers could be facing high risks in providing car coverage to 16 year olds. However, to find the best car insurance provider for 16 year old drivers, it is vital that you do extensive shopping and compare free quotes offered by several insurers.

Should I make in any adjustments in my car coverage while adding my teen’s name on policy?

Well, such a proposition will depend on the type and extent of coverage that you have before adding your teen’s name. In case, you are having liability-only coverage then it is worthwhile to add comprehensive, collision, uninsured/under-insured motorist and medical coverage features even if they come at a huge cost. But the expenses will be less than buying separate teen driver’s vehicle insurance cover. Remember, teen drivers have much higher probability of getting into accidents or car crashes due to their inexperience behind the driving wheel. In such a situation, if your teen meets with an accident then you may have to pay out-of-pocket for car repairs or for buying a new car in the event of your vehicle getting totled.

How to keep 16 year old driver’s auto insurance costs low if you decide to buy a separate policy?

There are several factors that go into calculation of premiums. The only way to keep car insurance cost low is to is to shop around extensively and compare free quote estimates provided by multiple top rated insurers in terms of coverage features, limits and premium pricing. Car insurance costs for 16 year old drivers could be the highest among all categories of drivers but shopping and eligibility to get premium discounts can save lot of money. Talk to our expert to know more!

Can my 16 year old teen buy a separate auto insurance policy?

By law prevailing in the United States, 16 year old teens are considered to attain legal age. Hence, in most cases, they will be unable to purchase car insurance. They may have to be listed on their parents’ existing auto insurance policies and only after they become legal at the age of 18, can they buy separate auto insurance covers. Alternatively, it could be beneficial to get 16 year old driver’s name added to the parent’s policy as a separate car insurance cover will cost significantly more as he/she will be treated as a high risk driver. So, until your 16 year old turns 18 and becomes legal citizen, it makes sense to add his/her name to your current car insurance coverage policy.

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