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Find Help Online To Buy The Best Cheap Car Insurance For 21 Year Old Drivers

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It is hard to get cheap auto insurance for 21 year old male and female drivers unless you seek help from specialists. The risks associated for providing car coverage to teen, young and inexperienced drivers under 21 is high as their probability of meeting with accidents is higher. Besides, many are likely to indulge in reckless driving practices or speeding, when on road, only to ruin their driving records with multiple traffic tickets. Al these things add up to the insurance costs as insurers assess by considering all such factors.

However, with an expert’s guidance, you can familiarise yourself with the basics of securing cheaper auto insurance for 21 year olds. While you might always have the option to get your name added to your parent’s policy, there could be some other ways to save money as well. Companies offer different types of premium discounts to eligible drivers that help in bringing down overall car insurance cost. And experts may even assist you in shopping and comparing free quotes offered by several top rated car insurers. can make your task easy, simple and hassle-free.

3 Easy Tips To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance For 21 Year Old Drivers Online

To qualify for the cheapest car insurance rates for 21 year old male or female driver, it could be vital for you to follow few important guidelines as mentioned below:

  • Use fast online processes – Shop and compare free quotes online to save time, energy and money. Internet processes are quick and you can browse many service websites that have efficient online comparison tools. It is also possible to fix free consultation with competent local agents or broker services to help you with the quote selection process. This is because with a specialist’s assistance, you can learn about the current trends in 21 year old drivers’ auto insurance rates and the coverage levels you must have to ensure that your finances are adequately protected while you are driving your car.
  • Stay on parent’s coverage – If you stay on your parent’s car insurance policy, you don’t need to buy a separate 21 year old new driver car insurance cover. Nevertheless, the premium charged for parent’s auto insurance coverage is likely to rise substantially as younger drivers are deemed to be highly risky propositions to insure. But still, the total cost will be much lesser than buying two different policies. This way you can avoid spending any money from your pocket and drive a vehicle legally. See, if your parent agrees to get your name listed on his/her existing auto insurance cover.
  • Check eligibility for discounts – By qualifying for a discounted 21 year old driver’s car insurance package, you can practically save few hundred dollars on premium. Companies provide numerous types of premium discounts and if you can qualify for at least some of them, you have the chance to get the best car insurance rates for 21 year old male or female drivers. Typically, you will be entitled to obtain discounts on premium if you are a good student that has consistently maintained excellent grades in your academics, passed out a defensive driver’s training course and drive a safer car.

5 Vital Factors That Can Affect Ability To Get Cheap 21 Year Old Car Insurance

There are some factors which might play a crucial role in determining overall affordability of your 21 year old driver’s auto insurance estimates. Here is some important information pertaining to the same that you may find useful to secure a solution which best fits your specific driving needs and budget.

  • Gender : Male drivers can expect to pay more for getting their cars insured as compared to female drivers. Past studies in the subject have revealed that women drivers are less likely to meet with accidents than men drivers. As a result, their likelihood of filing claims is much lower and so, their auto insurance premiums will be much lesser.
  • Education : Cheaper full coverage car insurance for 21 year old drivers if you have graduated from college. Insurers give special consideration for this aspect as it is deemed that educated drivers are more responsible on road than undereducated drivers. Consequently, they are less likely to file claims. Again, this fact is supported by previous researches conducted in the subject.
  • Credit Score : Credit ratings of young 21 year old drivers can also impact their ability to qualify for low sustainable auto insurance rates. To that effect, if you have got bad or no credit then you might have to spend more on coverage than a person with good credit. Poor credit drivers have higher probability of filing claims frequently.
  • Residential Location : The state in which you live can affect car insurance premium for younger or teen drivers. If you happen to live in a locality that has numerous young drivers, the accident rates are likely to be higher. Companies take this parameter into consideration while assessing coverage risks as claim filing probability is such cases will be high.
  • Vehicle Type : The type, make and model of car that is to be insured can influence the kind of auto insurance rates which you will be offered. New small cars, luxury sedans and SUVs are expensive and so, you will need more money to insure them. Alternatively, if you drive a cheap old used car, premium will be low.

Few Ways To Save Money On The Best Car Insurance For 21 Year Old Drivers

It is possible to get affordable car insurance for 21 year old drivers if you are eligible to obtain different types of premium discounts. Some of these are as follows.

  • Good driver discount – If you don’t have traffic convictions on your driving record during the past 3 years then you can obtain a discount for being a good driver.
  • Good student discount – You can get an additional premium discount if you are in college and have consistently maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above for past 3 years.
  • Home away discount – If you are staying away from your home, in your college campus, and are only visiting your parents during vacations, you can get a premium discount.
  • Safe driver’s education – Depending on the state in which you live, you can get special discount on premium if you have successfully passed out a defensive driver’s education course.
  • Your past driving habits – You can extra money on your auto insurance premium if you have down loaded mobile app, on smartphone, that monitors your driving behaviour on road.
  • Safety features in vehicle – An extra premium discount can be secured if there are safety features installed in your car. So, make sure that you install anti-lock braking system, side airbags, anti-theft alarm, etc. in your vehicle and get such type of a discount that can save you money.
  • Discount for lower mileage – If you are going to drive fewer miles annually, you must tell that to the insurer that you have chosen to work with. Your insurance company will simply install a black box type device which will monitor the actual number of miles that you will drive throughout the year. If you drive less than 7000 miles then you will be provide a discount on premium. can assist you in getting and comparing the best as well as the cheapest car insurance quotes for 21 year olds. Our experts will also enable you to determine your eligibility to get a discounted auto insurance package that can save hundreds. To get started with your task, apply now!

How Much Does Car Insurance For 21 Year Old Male Or Female Driver Cost?

There is a difference between auto insurance rates provided to 21 year old male and female drivers. On an average, young girls tend to pay around $2,451 for car insurance annually as compared to 21 year old boys who might end up paying $2,792 for the same term and coverage.

The main reason for this is that young male drivers have much higher tendencies to get engaged in reckless driving practices on road, a fact which is revealed by studies. Insurers use statistical findings as the basis for premium calculations and compensate their coverage risks with high premiums for men.

The same principle applies for even teen male drivers who on an average pay $4,048 for vehicle insurance each year. Teen female drivers, on the other hand, end up paying $3,819 annually for the same coverage and term. Thus, gender plays an important role in determining car insurance premium rates.

But the difference in premium decreases as age increases. As you grow older, your gender will have less impact on auto insurance rates. A 30 year old woman may have to pay $1,551 per year for car insurance and man of the same age pay $1,558 for similar coverage and term. can enable you to know the current trend in car insurance rates offered to 21 year old male and female drivers online. Take advantage of our specialist services online to get started your task of finding the best as well as the cheapest quote for 21 year old drivers now!

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