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Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Andy Walker


Our team looked at how well Allstate is doing in different areas, and we gave them a rating of 8.8 out of 10. This score comes from checking how people think about them, how easy it is to get help from them, what kind of insurance they offer, how much it costs, and how customers feel about their experience with Allstate.

Overall Rating8.8
Industry Standing9.5
Customer Experience8.7

Is Allstate a Good Insurance Company?

Allstate, which started in 1931, is a good insurance company. It’s like a helpful friend when you need to cover your car. They got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which means they’re doing pretty well.

Allstate is known for offering different types of car insurance. You can choose from 12 different coverages to make sure you’re protected. They also give discounts, which is like saving money, and have special programs like rideshare insurance, sound system coverage, and more.

One cool thing about Allstate is that they’re financially strong, getting an A+ rating from AM Best. This is like saying they’re really good at handling money and taking care of their customers.

They also have programs called Drivewise® and Milewise®, where you can save money on your insurance if you drive carefully or don’t drive too much. It’s like getting rewarded for being a responsible driver.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable insurance company, Allstate might be a good choice. Just remember, what they offer can vary a bit depending on where you live.

Pros and cons of Allstate car insurance

When you’re checking out car insurance options, it helps to know what each company offers. Let’s take a look at the good and not-so-good things about Allstate car insurance:


  • They have cool rewards like Deductible Rewards and Drivewise if you drive safely, but keep in mind that these might not be available everywhere due to state laws.
  • Allstate has useful tools online and on your phone to make it easy for you when you need to make claims or understand your policy.
  • They also have a driving training program designed for teens to help them drive safer and avoid accidents.


  • According to J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, Allstate scored below average in a lot of places. This means some customers might not be as happy with their service compared to other companies.
  • Allstate doesn’t offer as many extra coverage options as some other companies.
  • Depending on where you live, some policy choices and extra coverage options might be limited.

So, Allstate has some good things, but it’s also important to know about the not-so-good parts when deciding if it’s the right choice for you. Always good to check and compare!

Allstate Car Insurance Discounts

Here’s a simple way to pay less for your insurance with Allstate – they offer discounts! These discounts can help you save money on your car insurance. Easy, right?

New Car DiscountDiscount for cars that are the current model year or 1 year prior and you are the first owner
Anti-Lock Brake DiscountDiscount for cars with anti-lock brakes
Multi-Policy DiscountBundling discount for customers who have Allstate homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or other insurance policies alongside their auto insurance policy
Early Signing Discount®Discount for customers who sign their car insurance policy 7 or more days before it becomes effective
Responsible Payer DiscountDiscount for customers who haven’t received a cancellation notice for non-payment in the past year
Smart Student DiscountDiscount for drivers who are unmarried, under 25, maintain good grades, and attend school at least 100 miles away from where the car is garaged
Anti-Theft DiscountDiscount for having a protective or anti-theft device such as an alarm installed in your car
EZ Pay Plan DiscountDiscount for customers who set up automatic payments
Allstate eSmart Discount®Discount for customers who sign up for paperless billing
FullPay® DiscountDiscount for customers who pay their annual premium in full up front
Safe Driving ClubDiscount for every 6 months without an accident

Here’s something interesting from Allstate – they have a program that’s not exactly a discount, but it can help you save money!

Deductible Rewards Program:

When you sign up for this program, they lower your collision deductible by $100 right away. And, guess what? Every year you drive without an accident, they take off another $100 from your deductible, up to $500. That’s like a little reward for driving safely.

Safe Driving Bonus®:

Here’s another cool thing – the Safe Driving Bonus®. If you go six months without getting into an accident, Allstate gives you a bonus. You can choose to get it in your bank account or use it as credit for your car insurance. It’s like a little extra for being a safe driver.

Remember, not all the discounts and rewards might be listed on their website, so if you want to know about all the ways to save, just ask a local Allstate agent. They can fill you in on everything available for you!

Allstate auto insurance coverage

Sure thing! When you want to get a price estimate for Allstate’s car insurance, here’s what you’ll do:

Getting a Quote:

  • Tell them your name, when you were born, and where you live.
  • Share details about your car, like what year it was made, the brand, and the model.

Choosing Your Coverage:

  • Decide what kind of coverage you want. You can pick from things like:
    • Collision (if your car hits something)
    • Comprehensive (for things like theft or natural disasters)
    • Liability (covers damage you might cause to others)
    • Medical payments (helps with medical bills)
    • Sound system (covers your car’s music system)
    • Roadside (if you need help while on the road)
    • Personal umbrella (extra protection)
    • Uninsured (if someone without insurance hits you)
    • Rental reimbursement (helps with renting a car)
    • Personal injury protection (for medical expenses)

Setting Limits and Deductibles:

  • Choose how much coverage you want and how much money you’d pay if something happens (that’s called a deductible).

Extra Perks:

  • Allstate has cool extras like Drivewise and rideshare insurance.
  • Some people can get discounts, like if they have a new car or if they bundle multiple insurance policies together.

So, it’s like picking the type of protection you want for your car and deciding how much of it you need. And remember, follow the rules of your state when deciding on limits and deductibles. Easy peasy!

How Much Is Allstate Car Insurance?

Sure, let’s break it down in a simpler way:

Allstate’s Car Insurance Costs:

So, the average cost for Allstate’s car insurance each year is $2,135. That’s a bit more than what most people in the country pay, which is around $1,547. And guess what? It’s almost twice as much as what USAA, a different insurance company, charges. Even Geico, which is the second-lowest, is about $900 cheaper on average than Allstate.

Different Types of Drivers:

No matter what type of driver you are – whether you’re a teenager, a senior, had an accident or DUI, or just need the minimum coverage required in your state – Allstate tends to have higher prices compared to other companies.

Important to Remember:

But hey, keep in mind that these are just averages, and what you might pay could be different. Lots of things decide how much you pay for car insurance. The best way to find the cheapest one for you is to check out quotes from different insurance companies. So, it’s like shopping around to get the best deal!

RatingCar Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate
4.3American Family$1,383
4.2State Farm$1,279


Allstate auto insurance FAQ

How much does Allstate Car Insurance Cost?

How much you pay for car insurance can change based on different things, like how old you are and what kind of car you have. Here’s a simple idea: a 25-year-old might pay between $2,000 and $2,100, a 35-year-old around $1,850, and a 60-year-old about $1,750. On average, people pay about $1,880 each year.

Does AllState have comprehensive car insurance coverage?

Absolutely. The comprehensive coverage takes care of things like vandalism, hail damage, trees falling on your car, theft, and other situations that can cause damage.

How far back in your driving record does Allstate look?

Usually, Allstate looks at your driving history from up to five years ago.

How can I lower the price of my allstate car insurance?

Here are some tips to help you save on your car insurance:

  • Drive safely and avoid getting speeding tickets.
  • Think about changing your coverage to fit your needs.
  • Try to drive safely, and you might get bonus rewards that make your rates lower.
  • If you sign up for more than one insurance policy, buy a new car, or get good grades, you can get discounts.
  • You can also lower your insurance costs by choosing higher deductibles or parking your car in a garage.

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