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Buy The Best Cheap Temporary Car Insurance For 19 Year Olds Today

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Find the best cheap car insurance for 19 year old male or female drivers from the comfort of your home and that too, as per your personal convenience. Take advantage of 24/7 specialist online help to locate top rated local companies that offer auto insurance coverage to 19 year old drivers. Act to save lot time and money today. We can assist you during your effort to secure a young or teen driver’s car insurance solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget. To get started, apply now!

Finding affordable car insurance for 19 year old drivers can be highly challenging if you undertake the task on your own. Besides,, every state prescribes minimum liability coverage requirements that resident drivers are required to buy for driving cars legally on road. Our team of competent experts can provide you the guidelines for saving money without compromising on the levels of coverage. The average cost for 19 year old drivers’ auto insurance policies could vary from state to state but you need to know the techniques which can save money.

How To Get The Best Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers Cheap?

Here are some methods that can ensure a great deal of monetary savings in your quest for getting cheap 19 year old auto insurance covers.

  • Compare multiple free quotes – Car insurance rates are subject to change every few months for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is important for you to get and compare free quotes offered by several different insurers. Premiums may also vary from company to company. You can check premiums and car coverage features by entering your state’s zip code.
  • Get good student discount – If you have consistently maintained good grades in your academics with a GPA or 3.0 or above or an average “B Grade” then you can check eligibility to obtain good student discount on premium. Such a move may help you to save money.
  • Obtain safe driver discount – Insurers provide special premium discount to drivers that have a clean driving slate. One way to ensure that you are a responsible driver on road is to pass out a training course for learning defensive driving techniques from some local government approved training institute.
  • Away from home discount – This type of premium discount is provided exclusively to college or high school student drivers. This is because they will be driving cars less frequently, only when they are back home for a vacation.
  • Maintain clean driving record – To keep auto insurance costs down, it could be vital for you to make sure that your driving slate is clean. If you have previous DUI/DWI convictions, two or more at-fault accidents or multiple speeding tickets on your driving record then these may adversely affect your chances of getting a low cost 19 year old driver’s car insurance policy quote.
  • Buy Telematics auto insurance – If you indicate to your chosen insurance company that you will be driving fewer miles every year then you are likely to qualify for an extra premium discount. While providing a Telematics car policy, insurer will install a “black box” type device in the insured car for monitoring the exact member of miles which you will drive throughout the year.

4 Important Tips To Secure Cheap Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers

It could be indeed difficult to find the best and cheapest auto insurance for 19 year old male or female drivers without doing extensive shopping. Companies use number of factors for assessing overall risks involved in providing car coverage to drivers regardless of their age. However, there could be some ways to save money which you need to know before you start exploring your options.

  • Do Extensive Shopping : To locate the best auto insurance for 19 year old female or male drivers, it could be vital for you to get and compare multiple free proposals provided by several different top rated local insurers. Analyze coverage features, limits and premium pricing for finding the right type of quote for your unique driving needs and budget.
  • Get Onto Parent’s Policy : One way to stay away from purchasing a separate car insurance cover for 19 year old driver is to get your name added to your parent’s current auto insurance policy. As you will be driving car occasionally, possibly only during vacations, insurer will charge some extra money to cover you.
  • Buy Discounted Car Cover : By qualifying for a hugely discounted auto insurance package, you can practically save hundreds of precious dollars on your 19 year old car insurance coverage premium. So, check your eligibility to get benefitted with various premium discounts offered by insurers.
  • Drive An Old Used Vehicle : The type, make and model of car that you drive can affect affordability of car insurance rates for 19 year old male/female drivers. Cheap older vehicles require less money to insure as compared to new cars, SUVs and luxury sedans which are highly expensive. In addition, if you are driving a used car that is over 5 years old, you can even drop expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features to ensure extra savings.

Check If You Can Get The Cheapest Car Insurance For 19 Year Old Drivers

Most of the insurers may offer the below mentioned discounts on premium to 19 year old drivers. It is likely that the discount rates may vary depending on the state in which you are living as well as the company with which you are working.

  • Good student – Insurers may provide up to 15% discount on premium if you are college student who has maintained excellent grades in your academics, preferably a GPA of 3.0 or above or an average B grade on a consistent basis for the last 3 years.
  • Clean driving slate – You can earn an additional premium discount in the range 10% to 25% on your 19 year old driver’s vehicle insurance if you have accident and ticket free driving record for the past 3 years.
  • Driver’s education – If you have passed out a driver’s education or training course successfully, you can get a special premium discount. Normally, auto insurance providers extend at least 5% discount on the annual premium amount which added to other discounts can ensure huge savings.
  • Drive a safer vehicle – Cars with numerous safety features like anti-theft alarm, side airbags, anti-lock braking system, etc. qualify for an extra premium discount.

Know How Much Is The Car Insurance Cost For 19 Year Old Drivers Online

Age and gender of drivers assume importance in determining affordability of car insurance premiums. With growing age and driving experience, insurers tend to charge less money from drivers. At the same time, based on statistical findings, female drivers are presumed to be less risky propositions to insure than their male counterparts as their probability of filing claims is low. So, there is little need to worry even if you are a 19 year old driver, you will slowly gain confidence of insurers if you stay way from reckless driving practices and obey traffic rules.

The average cost of full coverage car insurance for 19 year old drivers is around $6,000 per annum. By the time you will be 25, the costs could come down to $3,000 per year. At the same time, premiums will be higher by about $1,000 per annum for 18 year old drivers. A free consultation with a competent local agent or broker service may prove to be worthwhile in knowing the current insurance rates that are being offered to 19 year old drivers. Get and compare the best free quotes within minutes with specialist assistance online today!


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